Should teens be given the right to make their own decisions?

Asked by: adi_singh
  • Why is everyone so controversial on this topic?

    This is really stupid to debate on. I'm a teen typing this, i'm making a choice to write this, your making a choice to read this, and your making a choice to judge this. I'm sorry to tell you this but news flash, NOBODY'S PERFECT YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN IT- Hannah Montana

  • Teenagers should make their own decisions.

    Teenagers all around the world rely on their parents for every single piece of information and decision that they need. I believe that teenagers need to make their own decisions otherwise they will be relying on their parents for the rest of their life. And that would be bad. S

  • Teenagers are independent.

    Teenagers need to learn how the world works and they need to make their own mistakes. This will set them up for life and make them more responsible. Many people beleive that the brain is not fully formed until you reach age 20, but the brain is actually fully formed by the age of about 13 - 15.

  • They are growing up and they need to learn how to be independent.

    A lot of kids need their parents permission to do almost anything. Such as going to a friend's house or going to the movies with friends. I think that kids at the age of at least 14 should make SOME of their own decisions because they need to know how to make smart choices in life.

  • Yes they should.

    Today teens can't own a business, make healthcare decisions (except reproductive), marry, get a job without a parent's permission and permission from the state based on a medical exam, they can't leave their home without their parent's permission or they will be considered a "runaway" and cops will arrest them and put them in juvenile justice and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them by their parents at any time for any reason. Basically their parents control their lives. Before the industrial revolution people got married upon puberty and in all mammal species, the animal is an adult upon puberty. Many Americans believe a misinterpreted study that the brain is not fully competent till 25. It's usually fully competent around 12-15.

  • Yaaas they should

    Teens should be given the right to make their own decisions because they will need to learn how to adult in life. How will they be able to function or make reasonable decisions in the really real world. We should be aloud to make our own decisions. Let us be us. Brah

  • So we can make our own mistakes.

    We should be able to make our own decisions because we need to experience our own life.We also need to make our own decisions so we can feel confident in ourselfs.We also need to be more indapendent and willing to make a chance.We should also make our own decisions beacause we dont want our parents to do it for us.

  • Teens should be able to make their own decisions especially maturity teens

    Think about all of the e I maturity adults that make wrong decision but get away with it just because they are adults. PEople should be able to choose the course of their own lives without having to be told every decision. If they go down the consequence road then thats their decisions and they have to face the reprucussion

  • Yes, they should be given the right to make decisions regarding themselves.

    This is not to say that they should make choices for others, but just like adults, they can sometimes make decisions based on emotion. I am a teenager myself, and I make decisions that are often correct. Anyone would resent not having the choice to decide their own lives. Of course, with in limitation. They should have the amount of choice equal to their amount of responsibility. If one is a fairly responsible person and rarely makes bad choices, of course they should have more control over what they do. Meanwhile, if they routinely make choices that harm themselves or others, then of course not!

    The argument that teens' brains are not fully mature may be true, although that does not necessarily make them irresponsible. Personality can be a factor, and people's brains are more than just words on a scientific report. Grouping all of the teens of the world into one category is quite simply stereotyping, and age is not the only factor to responsibility.

    So, to close up, yes, they should be able to make their own decisions if they're responsible. If not, then no.

  • Right to speak

    I think that kids or teens should have the right to speak their opinion or fact but parents don't and I also think that if u want to move out at the age of 16 you can but my parents don't don't like my step mom and always have arguments with her and I am always in the wrong but I am not I think that out of the time I am right .I think that she treats me different

  • Human brain stops development in early 20s

    Since the part of the human brain that affects judgment only stops developing in the early 20s a teen should not be allowed to make their own decisions. Anatomically speaking, they are unable to properly make sound decisions. An adult should make decisions on their part. Don't you think so?

  • Teens should not be allowed to make their own decisions

    What if teens are allowed to make their own decisions and later make or cause problems for themselves, who are the people going to be the ones going up and down solving the problems the teens have caused? Parents. So why not fix the issue now than making more problems for yourself. Why don't you the parent teach the teen the right way to go so he or she doesn't make any mistake at the time she or he is allowed to explore by themselves. So they can be able to tell right from wrong because i can assure you that some teens that are allowed to explore by themselves without the help of the parents always get worse in life not all but some.

  • Teens shouldn't be goven the right

    To make their own decisions. As these teens are young, how they perceive the world is different as how an adult perceives the world. For example, whenever teens judge people of the opposite gender, they usually judge a person based on how he/she looks. An adult on the other hand, would judge someone based on their character. Thus, i believe that teens should not be given the right to make their own decisions.

  • Friends and fellow countrymen, lend me your ears!

    Everybody on this side of the argument is an idiot. Meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep.

  • No they should not.

    Lets say for instance, if kids are grading their teachers. They should not be able to fire a teacher because you are mad at them. Kids are still young and they should not decide wither or not a teacher keeps their job. Kids brain's aren't even developed yet. Kids are silly.

  • It is just the beginning

    Teenage is just the beginning of your adulthood.When your are a new recruit in your company do you take all the decisions?NO, because u lack the experience and knowledge.Ultimately the bottom line is that if in case a child is taking a wrong decision his/her parents must have a say.So that later in his life the child does not regret

  • Teens aren't experienced enough in life

    I believe that teens haven't experienced life as much as adults have. They haven't realised the reality of life yet, which makes them unable to make wise decisions and they end up in a mess. Parents, after all, are there to guide their children through adolescence and prepare them for adulthood. After becoming wise, sensible and mature adults, they may make their decisions all they want. But they should follow their parents' advice for the time being, avoid making hasty decisions and learn as much as they can everyday.

  • Teens get as much as they deserve

    Asking a teen if they should be able to make their own decisions is not up to anyone but the parents of that teen. They are the ones who can judge the actions of their kid and see if he is worthy enough of making decisions. If not then that means that they weren't behaving in a way that was mature. If you want more authority over your life you need to show that you can act a certain way.

  • Possibly Affects Others

    Teens' brains aren't matured enough to make their own decisions. This means that teens are likely to make decisions based on emotion (because of their developed limbic system) rather than rationality (because of their undeveloped prefrontal cortex). Teens making bad decisions because of these facts not only affects their future, but also possibly others'.

  • No teens should not

    I am currently doing a debate on if we should and i believe teens are not capable of making necessary decisions when it come to medical stuff and anything because they can make wrong choices and the parent would not be able to get them professional help is the teen does not so no

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