Should teens be required to take parenting classes?

  • I'm 14 and I agree

    I'm about to go into high school and I agree. I think that sometime while we are in high school we should be be required to take a parenting class. Yes, my school offers it when you are like in your third year of high school I think. BUT, I feel that it should be required...In my opinion.

  • I'm 14 and I agree

    I'm about to go into high school and I agree. I think that sometime while we are in high school we should be be required to take a parenting class. Yes, my school offers it when you are like in your third year of high school I think. BUT, I feel that it should be required...In my opinion.

  • Should defiantly be mandatory if it requires real life activity

    Kids these days are starting to lose care in everything they do. Unprotected sex, is one of them. More and more teens are getting pregnant at such a young age, and have no clue what's around the corner. How to change a dipper for example. Or to extend, how to bathe, or teach their children properly. Children teaching children is very difficult, and therefore mandatory classes will result in teens being a little more "prepared" and will hopefully scare them out of unprotected sex. By the early morning feedings and staying up all night. They will also learn that their life would be 100% dedicated to their child. Meaning no more late nights out and/or no more partying.

  • Yes we all need to learn at an early age

    Most teens that get pregnant have no idea what they are in for. If they have to take a class it will either make them not want to have kids so they will be less likely to unprotected sex and/or they will know what to do when a baby does come into there life.

  • Teen Parents Don't Understand

    Teens nowadays want to have kids and once they do they think its too hard of work. They then give up and neglect the child. They may even abuse it. Then those kids grow up to do the same things to their kids.

    Some parents just don't know how to take care of a kid. Its not they they hate them but they don't know how to take care of them. Even my mom didn't know much and she had me when she was 20. She needed my pediatrician's help in some situations because she was confused. She was single too. My dad left her because he didn't want the responsibility and that is another problem with people. That is why my opinion is that there should be a parenting class in high schools.

  • Gives people the learning experience they need

    No mater what anyone says about this i believe that teens should have to take a parenting class. It will help everyone in the long run no mater who you are. Weather you want to have a child now or if you cant have one, you will love to have the experience. There is the chance that you will want a child in the future and if you cant have one for some reason there is adoption for a reason

  • Yes, Teens Should Take Parenting Classes

    Well, this will teach teens the hardships of being a parent. Also, if an accident does happen, they have an idea of how to raise the child. Not saying that it will be 100% successful, but it will make a difference for males and females. If they have sex, that is their own choice, this is just a way to help them through it with knowledge.

  • Yes I think teens should be required to take parenting classes

    Prepares you for parenting later on and also taking the classes may help you see that parenting is not as easy. This could help prevent teen pregnancy as well. It will also benefit taxpayers because if there is less teen pregnancy teens will be able to finish high school and get better jobs. This will help the economy.

  • Early teen pregnancy can be life changing

    Most teens at my age(15) are having sex. Most of them are having it while being unprotected this can cause many teens problems, the younger you are when you are pregnant can cause you health issues and can kill young mothers. Young male teens think that its all fun and games until they become a father,then it hits them that they have done something that will change their lives forever

  • Could decrease the amount of teen pregnancy

    If teens knew what the effect of having unprotected sex could lead to, they might start being safer or wait if they haven't had sex yet. Also they would think twice before having sex because they would learn that some of their precautions like the "pull out method" isn't as effective as they think it is, and could lead to getting pregnant.

  • No that's stupid

    Teens shouldn't be made to do sex ed classes. There are people that would be grossed out, and not to mention it's kind of racist. You know how these programs always have pictures like this? They're all white girls in the room! Like there's not a single other type of person. Black teens have sex too. The people that make these are racist.

  • No no no

    Opening teens up to this might make them feel like they are ready and able to have a child because they "know" about it. Sex education should be required but not this. A lot of teens may be getting pregnant but that means you need better sex education classes. Ok.

  • No. That makes no sense.

    Parenting isn't an inevitable thing. Some people are childfree, either by choice or for biological reasons. It would be discriminatory towards them.

    This will also worsen indoctrination. The schools will indoctrinate the future parents with their methods, which will rule out culture.

    Having kids is like eating meat. It is both a choice and a biological function. Schools don't teach us how to eat meat. Our parents do. Similarly, parents are taught by their grandparents, and should be, since it preserves culture.

    The Pro is asking for a "The Giver" society, in which our only purpose is to replace ourselves, and to do so in the exact manner ordered by the State.

  • Not all teens.

    While it is indeed a good idea to have classes for parenting outside of school (so as not to embarrass students and to not waste money on schools), it is pointless to force this on all teens, as all teens do not become parents. Rather, we should teach them how awful it gets once you get kids, and that you want to get rid of that thing in your stomach as soon as possible.

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