Should teens under 18 be able to live independently from their parents?

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  • I live alone

    I'm 17 almost 18 and have lived on my own for almost two years. I have a job and a two bedroom home I rent. I do well for my self.. If you know you will be able to support your self you should be ok. I do good as I have three pets, a phone, direct tv, wife, a car, and go to school. Not try and say you wont struggle because you do and its hard at times but if you can handle it and have a job at the time you left then your gonna be ok if you make smart choices

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  • If they are capable.

    For some teens, independence is what makes them happy. They should still be required to go to school but if a teen can prove they are physically and mentally capable of being independent from their parents, they should be allowed. They shouldn't be required to pay tax but they should be required to have a source of income. The parents should also be required to support them if they need it.

  • This can already be done in US.

    Yes. There is already a process (although the exact law and protocol varies from state to state) for doing so in United States, it's called emancipation. It gives the minor control of their own well-being while at the same time freed the parents or the guardian(s) all responsibility of the child.

  • Teens should be able to live independently if desired...

    Many teens have experienced severe family problems and in some major cases have been neglected. And feel a little desperate to run away from home.Some teens just want to live their own life expressing their own opinions without parents having to force them to think a certain way.Because of this teens sometimes aren't able to express their thoughts clearly from being so used to thinking a certain way.

  • No and in certain cases yes:

    How would they support themselves money wise?

    Its all well and good to pack a suitcase and leave but where do they go?

    How do they pay for food basic accommodation?

    There is no guarantee they are going to get work, plenty of adults struggle finding a job.

    In some cases a child/teen should be removed from homes with family problems they should be put under the care of another guardian or foster parent.

    But not every teen who throws a tantrum about their parents setting guidelines about how to behave at home and not buying them everything they want.

    Only those in danger at home either from the parents or poor living conditions should be removed or at least given Government support to help them relocate.

    It should all be evaluated on a case by case basis the solution should vary on the age of the child, eg: 16 -17 year olds should be able to live alone anyone younger should have to live with a relative or foster parent.

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