• Yes it should.

    While I feel sorry for the people who would lose jobs if telemarketing is banned (and I also feel sorry for them to have to do that job, they must get a lot of phones slammed down on them, or in the case of cell phones, simply hung up on them), I think that telemarketing is a real imposition on people, and I can't imagine that it's worthwhile to any company. It should be banned.

  • Telemarketing is a waste of time for all involved!

    Telemarketing is a waste of time for all parties involved. It rarely results in a sale for the company doing the telemarketing and provides a disturbance in the lives of those who are called. Generally, if someone is interested in a product or service, they will do research and contact companies themselves. There must be better solutions out there that are beneficial to both parties involved that do not entail cold telemarketing.

  • The process of telemarketing benefits no one and annoys everyone.

    Does anyone really want telemarketing calls? Does anyone really buy the items telemarketers are trying to sell? Does anyone appreciate robocalls from politicians who neatly exempted themselves from the Do Not Call Registry? The process of telemarketing benefits no one and annoys everyone. Companies should be banned from cold calling and should be forced to comply with requests from their customers to opt out of solicitation calls.

  • Calls at Work

    I work in a medical office and it gets very irritating when I am taking ten to twenty calls a day from telemarketers (mostly robo-calls). Clearly they are cold calling. I have never stayed at one of their resorts, my computer is running just fine, and I have outstanding credit so do not need to re-consolidate. If I need something I'll call you. As for those on the right hand column who need to eat, get a job at an incoming call center (there are plenty available). You'll already be connected with people who want to book a vacation, do need computer support and are looking to re-consolidate. But do NOT call me at work. I realize most of this crap is done from overseas, but by banning it here makes it almost impossible for any others to be taken legitimately. It's a start.

  • Privately Paid Services

    The fact that we pay for our phone makes it private. We should be able to decide who we want calls from. Telemarketers aren't paying for our phones. It is an unwanted business & the do not call list is a joke. WHY ARE WE UNABLE TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL!!!

  • Telemarketing is an invasion of privacy.

    I pay a lot of money each month for my cell phone service, for my own use, not for a bunch of slick advertisers to try to separate me from my money. It would be different if phone service were free, like TV used to be. Advertising paid for the programs. This is not the case with paid phone service. I pay for the service, not for advertising. Telemarketing is a disgusting abuse of technology. It should be banned, and designated as a criminal offense.

  • Unnecessary and unwarranted

    The telephone is the only FCC regulated form of two way communication over which unsolicited sales calls are allowed. Over all other forms (amateur and CB radio) selling or advertising products and services is expressly forbidden and it is high time the government aligned the protocols. No one purchases a telephone (cell or otherwise) with the desire to have their time wasted by being cold called. Telemarketing (at least over cellphones is becoming obsolete with the proliferation of apps that block unwanted calls.

  • Unknown number calling

    Tellemarketers are always calling from and unknown number so why would anyone want to answer especially when we cant `understand what there saying half the time like TBH when a telemarketer calls i either turn off my phone or dont answer it at all anyways hopefully we get 100 percent {BANNED)

  • Ban All Telemarketers shut all of them down worldwide. Even automated/Robo

    Selling or passing details of people between companies without consent should be against the law and have very stiff penalties for those violate the law. Who has the right to buy, sell or exploit peoples personal information without their consent? Nobody should have to deal with nuisance of pestering phone calls and not just land lines cell phones as well.

  • Telemarketing industry ignores the National Do Not Call Registry

    The National Do Not Call Registry was established in 2003. My phone number has been registered on the NDNCR for years, yet I get robo/telemarketing calls several times a week. If the "good" companies in telemarketing industry cared about their reputation and livelihood, they would take an active roll in eliminating the "bad" telemarketers, but they haven't. 14 years and the problem only gets worse - it's time to put an end to telemarking.

  • It workss great!

    I work in telesales upgrading orange consumers phones, some of them have no idea that they can update there phone. So on that basis where doing them a favour, if people are polite i always remove them from the system and work for a telesales company youd be suprised at the amount of sales made through it! All you who dont like it need to grow a pair, its a quick phone call not life in prison

  • People have to eat

    Telemarketers bother everyone with their annoying pitches, especially the prerecorded ones. But the thing is in a market economy, we have to be careful how we regulate commerce and must consider the fact that several companies will shut down without this kind of aggressive approach. That would mean a loss of jobs. There are ways to curb telemarketers. And you can always say "no" or hang up the phone.

  • We already have a do-not-call registry.

    I like being telemarketed. If telemarketing is done appropriately and at reasonable hours, then it should not be banned. However, people should be able to choose at what time they will be called. If they want to be called at night, they can be call at night. If they want to be called only at 12:00PM-12:30 PM, call only 12:00PM-12:30 PM. They can already see our phone numbers in the phone book or just make it up and that combination happens to be our phone number.

  • I'm a telemarketer. ;-)

    Hi folks - I'm sure that my views may be regarded with somewhat of a baleful eye, as I'm actually a telemarketer - an Imp of Satan - myself. You may think that telemarketers are some kind of talentless, avaricious morons whose only goal in life is to irritate and upset you.

    This isn't the case. It IS the case if a telemarketing company is run incorrectly or employs the wrong staff.

    I don't fit the standard telemarketing profile. I'm nearly 50, an ex IT professional with a degree in English, I'm very well spoken and exceedingly polite. My day is spent professionally representing my company: I learned a long time ago that trying to persuade people to buy anything doesn't work. Good telemarketing is about communication and the ability to listen to who you're speaking to and being realistic. If we know you're using say, Finance Package X and we write software which integrates with it and brings useful value, then a polite call to introduce the company, ask if there may be any future interest and when it would be convenient to call back is actually *useful*.

    Telemarketing seems to be being confused with nuisance, nonsense calls nowadays. I've seen it done wrong at so many firms, who employ talentless and unmotivated kids who are then pressured into making hundreds of calls a day. To say telemarketing - proper telemarketing - is wrong is to say that marketing and sales calls are wrong: without these, industry would just not work. Pressure calls are wrong, no two doubts about it.

    But when someone very politely calls you, puts no pressure on you, asks nicely, listens and treats you with respect and and attempt at understanding.... Where can the objection be ?

    Bad telemarketing should be regulated. But please don't tar us all with the same brush.


  • No, telemarketing should not be banned

    Telemarketing is perfectly fine, when handled appropriately and politely. Examples of polite telemarketing include donation drives for Firefighters and Policeman. Universities and other educational sources also use telemarketing for fundraising. While examples of negative telemarketing also exists, and the stereotypical phone call during dinner is awful, these can easily be thwarted with "Do Not Call" lists

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