Should TEPCO be forced to close as punishment for covering up the nuclear reactor meltdown?

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I believe that TEPCO should be forced to close as a punishment for covering up the nuclear reactor meltdown. They took no responsiblity for their actions, and a fine just simply isn't good enough. They can no longer be trusted, and should just be forced to close or taken over by someone else.

  • Yes, TEPCO should be forced to close.

    Revelations have come to light that TEPCO - the company that ran the Fukushima nuclear reactor - was involved in a cover up after the nuclear meltdown in Japan a few years ago. TEPCO should be shut down if the company can not be trusted to handle future disasters more honestly. Many will have concerns that the company could lie again to the public if a similar situation occurs in the future.

  • Nuclear reactors are not foolproof

    TEPCO is taking responsibility for the meltdown. Executives at the company are taking pay cuts. The company is accused of several "cover-ups". Therefore, some compensation is in order. The nuclear plants put people's lives in danger. People in Japan walk around in fear with face masks. It is time for TEPCO to take more safety measures. Unfortunately, with the series of natural disasters occurring in Japan, it is naive to think that any precautions will take away all the dangers. Perhaps TEPCO should close some of its 17 nuclear reactor plants. These plants are a great source of energy for Japan, so it wouldn't make sense to shut down everything.

  • No need to close the company unless you want folks to forget about the problems.

    Everyone who was involved in the conspiracy of hiding information should be fired, and possibly tried in court. But closing the company doesn't fix anything -- another company would have to take over managing Japan's power needs. Closing the company would only make it easier for people to forget that the company made misleading reports and covered up the true damage to the Fukushima reactor and its environs.

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