• Terrorists should be shot dead

    If they want to kill innocent people because of their beliefs, they are dangerous and should be shot/arrested for intelligence gathering. The public needs to know that the government is taking direct action to stop terrorists. Terrorists should not have the public's tax money wasted giving them a trial when they want to kill innocent people.

  • Terrorists should be shot dead on sight

    When they are engaged in a terrorist act or have been proven to have masterminded an act of terror a terrorist should be shot dead on sight. Unfortunately this is what many terrorist would prefer as it would give them what they feel is a "hero's" death. A long trial and wasted resources is also a win for them so it would be better just to shoot them and move on, no memorial, no appeals.

  • They are human

    I understand that terroists are horrible people and deserve to have horrible things done to them. But if we shoot them then we are just as bad as they are, horrible murers who kill for what they belive in. Also if we kill them then thats saying to everyone that its alright to kill.

  • Supposed Terrorists Should Not Be Shot Dead on Sight

    No, supposed terrorists should not be shot dead on sight, unless there is an immediate danger and lethal force is the only force that will stop the danger. In any other case, a person is only a suspected terrorist and should be given the due process that is the right of every person.

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