• Turkey lives matter

    Slaughtering millions of turkeys to be thankful ( while lying about it) and being glutttons on a Thursday. And also thankful we took someone else's land for our OWN greed and and slaughtered their culture cuz it wasn't religiously correct. Hashtag no thanks. True families do come together but why just on holidays? And the next day how did it get called black Friday? Maybe buy out Friday? Or sale of the year day? And 3 extra days kids have off from school? I think kids should go at least the Tuesday- Thursday and have the Friday off.

  • It is a lie people were massacred!

    The truth is that the holidaywas and is celebrating the defeat, debauchery, death of people. It was giving thanks for extinguishing entire villages, tribes of people who had a right to live as they were. The history books do not teach the whole story. It is a shameful part of US history, just as slavery is

  • It's an American holiday

    Thanksgiving is an American holiday, it shouldn't be banned because of turkey or Indian massacre, and comparing it to slavery won't solve anything, tell me one civilization that never enslaved other people or its own. It's shameful that some people think that Americans are betraying their own country, just stupid.

  • Thanksgiving is an American holiday

    It is an american holiday where families come together and celebrate football, hot meals, and together-ness. No need to be banned, if it is offensive or degrading, don’t celebrate it, don’t ruin family bonding for others.

    Thanksgiving should not be banned. Keep family time and love. Thanksgiving has become for family, let it remain that way

  • It's a good day to eat

    Well, turkey is a very good eat. Although it can be eaten everyday... Why not wait for that special day to share with others? Also, let's not forget the humanity we shared so long ago among the Indians and pilgrims despite the tensions. I say let it remain here forever!!!

  • No it should not be banned.

    Any holiday tradition should be allowed to thrive, even if it goes against other religions. They are made to celebrate a certain time, date, and place. By banning one holiday you are going against all freedoms in the constitution since it is a persons right to practice and believe in whatever they feel like.

  • Let us celebrate.

    Thanksgiving should not be banned. Thanksgiving is a large part of American history and how all of us came to be in this wonderful country. In modern times, Thanksgiving is about getting family together and celebrating. Every year I enjoy hearing people take the time to reflect on what in life has made them thankful. This is a good tradition that everyone should practice.

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