Should the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution be revoked?

  • Irrelevant and stupid

    The 2nd amendment was created in the days when our country was weak and was seen as an easy target by bigger countries like England to take advantage of. So without a military it was expected that all citizens rise up and try and repel the invading force. We have a military now so this is no longer necessary. The militia has evolved into the modern military. Also we no longer live on a harsh frontier were you had to defend yourself from Native Americans and wild animals. Guns are also more effective at killing people now. Im sure if the founding fathers saw people having mental meltdowns and then going out with there deaths machines to mow down random people in tight crowded urbanized areas they would at have some gun restrictions implemented if not take away guns all together.

  • The right to bear arms in the bill of rights is way too dangerous, and too deadly for America

    This right in the bill of rights tells people
    to purchase and use firearms to protect themselves, but they use them to hurt or even kill people, and then they become criminals, especially, people who are part of radical Islam. All gun shops should be off limits to criminals or radical Islamic groups.
    It has been on the bill of rights about 239 years. It should be revoked so all Americans and our nation can be more safer, and free of guns after what happened recently at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida with a deadly shooting that killed 48 people. If someone is shot with a gun, he or she could be killed instantly, that is how dangerous guns are. This is a reason why that the right to bear arms should be revoked to keep all Americans safe

  • Fuck the 2nd Amendment!

    How many more innocent men women and children will die because of the arrogance of American despotism? END VIOLENCE NOW!!! If you think that having a gun will defend yourself, you are also saying that if someone attacks you you will kill them. Stop being murderers. Murderers are horrible in our society.

  • Guns have no place in a civilized society

    Second amendment was good and needed when the constitution was written. Now humans are very civilized, do not live in wild wild west!!

    When gun manufacturers stop lobbying or our politicians stop accepting money from these people, this problem will go away.

    Call your representatives to tell them not to accept campaign contributions from the gun lobby or risk not getting reelected.

  • It says for militia

    There are many reason our country is great, this is not one of them, i am ashamed when it comes to this . Our country has something like 88 guns per household. We share the position with Yemen, great company... I am tired of the gun culture and infatuation. You want to protect your home, get a shotgun. No need for these multiple round guns. Enough!!

  • It says for militia

    There are many reason our country is great, this is not one of them, i am ashamed when it comes to this . Our country has something like 88 guns per household. We share the position with Yemen, great company... I am tired of the gun culture and infatuation. You want to protect your home, get a shotgun. No need for these multiple round guns. Enough!!

  • Those who live by the gun will die by the gun

    Jesus said, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword". Matthew 26:52. Plain and simple. A sword in those days are equivalent to a gun in our modern time. USA was founded as a Christian country and therefore should abide by the Bible. Those who argue otherwise need to read the Bible.

  • It Is Time To Get Rid Of Guns While Stimulating The Economy

    Gun Control Works in other countries. No, it is not perfect, but these laws cut gun related crimes by 97%. That is a pretty good statistic. If I had a form of cancer with 97% cure rate, I would be extremely optimistic.

    Guns should be made illegal and the penalty for possessing a gun should carry mandatory fines, jail time and community service. People who own guns should be forced to sell them to the government for their book value and all of the guns should be melted down. All gun permits should be revoked. Only military personnel, police and those who are trained extensively and are screened regularly for psychological stressors should be permitted a weapon. Basically, guns should be treated like TNT and should be VERY difficult to get. Those who argue that shooting is a sport will have to find another sport that does not endanger other people. Those who argue that the Constitutionality of owning a gun should take a history course and realize that a militia army will not stand a chance against a modern military. Those who argue their home is not safe, should insist on raising taxes so that more police, teachers, fire fighters and nurses can be put to work immediately. Those who argue that YOUR right to own a gun is GREATER than another's right to be safe should rethink their position.

    Yes, this plan will cost a lot of money. Yes it will raise your tax bill. But the result it produces will save thousands of lives each month.

  • No Longer Relevant

    The context of the 2nd Amendment is completely without merit given the mix of advanced weaponry and human health issues we have come to experience. At a minimum, we should try a 5 Yr. 'moratorium' on the 2nd. Gun collectors should have to register all weapons (like Car collectors do, under a special license), but otherwise, no gun shows, no on-line sales, no Walmart, etc. Sales and basically it would be illegal to buy any firearm without first going through a license routine similar to driving a car or boat. This would at least allow us to see gun violence (already dropping, true, but not due to people 'being good', but due to over-incarceration) could be nearly reduced. If we could say get gun-death events to 'rare' status (like maybe one or two events a year), we'd be close to seeing if it would truly work. If it doesn't work, then let's continue with the Wild West mentality, which is what we have had and still have now apparently. If a State doesn't want to comply with the moratorium, let them 'secede' for five years (cut them off from all Federal Benefit, close their Mil bases, etc.) and let them see how that works out for them. We've got to try something other than what we are doing - what we have now is the definition of insanity.

    Posted by: jmmc
  • Guns kill people

    Up here in Canada eh we don't use guns and our murder rate is 1/3 of that of American and i would have to blame this on the onslaught of violence primarily caused by guns and the people that use them as a means of power if all guns were mandated and not used for killing then your country would be very much a better place to live

  • Hell no.

    The most fundamental right we have is the right to life because all other rights depend on that. It doesn't make sense to grant people a right to life, but then deny people the ability to protect it. So I think the right to own guns is essential and it would be wrong for any government to deny people that right.

  • Absolutely not.

    Firearms unlike some tend to believe are still a huge part of this country's tradition and ideals. A lot of American homes have firearms, in fact there are at least 300 million firearms in the United States. The right to keep and bear arms is as important as the right for a religion and freedom of speech as it makes sure our voice is heard, and we are not trampled by the government. Ever.

  • Power corrupts, and we have to maintain out own government.

    Robing the people of the ability to defend themselves from threat foreign or domestic is wrong. Simply put all government eventually will become corrupt. Stalin took control in turmoil of the overthrowing of Rasputin. Hitler used his own laws to get what he wanted. The greatest threat to use is the lawful evil groups, who secretly take control, and the come out with conquering half the world, and don't say it can't happen to us, because that type of thinking invites the event in the first place. Fahrenheit 451, animal farm complacency and ignorance invites dictation. Holding on to our rights and if necessary guns is the only way to prevent corruption.

  • Last chance on rights

    Rights are protected, not decreed by governments - or so this nation's founders thought. Perhaps this country has become one of sycophants and not free people. If true, good luck keeping the particular rights you hold dear, because someone will find fault in them and just as easily take them away.

  • Absolutely Not!

    The 2nd Amendment was a well thought out addition that was added by a generation that had first hand experience with corrupt governments and war. We have become too complacent as a country and should not abdicate the responsibility to protect ourselves. When you do that, you give government all of the power. At some point, our government will fall, either due to foreign influence or it will simply become too corrupt to support itself. At that point, we will be back to the age where every man, woman, and child will need to protect themselves. I would rather be prepared and keep my guns.

  • Just Look at Jolly Ole England!

    England has, for the most part, abolished private firearm ownership. And as a result gun violence has gone down. However, violent crimes (including murder, forcible rape, robbery, & aggravated assault) in the UK are FOUR TIMES what they are in the US! A little closer to home? New York, Chicago, & Los Angles. These cities have the toughest gun laws in the land - and the highest crime rates.

  • No. The second amendment is one of the founding cornerstones of this country.

    There have recently been some horrendous events in which guns were used to murder innocent men, women and children. While the incidents are unfathomable, they should in no way shape, form or fashion outright be the starting point for revoking the second amendment. As an analogy, think about air planes. If a commercial airliner crashes, even if by outright human negligence, it could kill the same number of people as an insane gunman. We would never think of banning passenger flying; nor should we think of revoking the second amendment.

  • Guns dont kill people, irresponsible people do

    If you support the revocation of the 2nd amendment then you are are a complete idiot. If you think guns kill people then again you are an idiot. I own many guns, and none of them get up and go kill anyone. It is the user. Stricter gun laws, yes. Getting rid of guns, no. If criminals are getting guns illegally now just wait and see if they outlaw guns, there will be even more guns coming into this country.

    Next time you go eat ice cream, make sure you blame the spoon for making you fat...Not the fat user who keeps getting more and more ice cream making them fatter and fatter.

  • The right to bare arms

    Some one walks into your house in the middle of the night, breaks your door down, with the look of drug fueled rage. He wields a 10 inch machete and attacks you family, buy the time the cops get to your house, your family is slaughtered, and the man runs off into the darkness. Alright. Same thing happens, but this time you, the civilian hears your door break in and your family trust you because with your gun, you can hold off the enemy or intruder, until the cops come, or it the criminal refuses to back down, you take matters into your own hands, you do what you need to and pull the trigger, you call the cops, tell them the whole story, and the position of the attacker, and you then are found not guilty because you saved your family from a threat.

  • Redecks arent safe

    As a fellow redneck myself, i will not feel safe if the 2nd ammendment is revoked. Just imagine, im banging my sister when all of a sudden her husband walks in. How am i supposed to defend myself against him? If i have a gun ill be able to get rid of him and marry my sister.

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