Should the $500 bill and $1000 bill be reprinted in the U.S.?

  • Higher Denominations Means Fewer 100s

    Higher denominations of currency mean less of lower denominations like 100s are needed. Since they are worth more money, the U.S. Treasury Department will need stringent anti-counterfeit measures just like they do on c-notes. Plus, when the new bills are recreated, collectors will be interest in the new currency. Just like the 50-state quarters program for coins, collectors will be intrigued by the new notes and pay even more for them in a secondary market.

  • No, the $500 and $1000 bill should not be reprinted in the U.S.

    I do not think that it would be beneficial to reprint the $500 and $1000 bill in the United States. It would possibly create problems for many cashiers that might experience these bills when someone has made a purchase. This could lead to possible fake money which is not a good idea at all.

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