• Fuck yes yes

    I fucking think that it should be lowered to 18 because i am 18 and i think obama should be impeached for this crap he is a jerk fucking lower the goddamn motherfucking age to 18 now or else i will fucking start world war iii now lower it i am possessed with a demon!!!!

  • Legal Age Should Be 18

    I believe most people see the age of 18 as passing from childhood into adulthood. At 18, people are allowed to join the military, vote, even smoke a cigarette. It seems a bit strange and odd that the legal drinking age is 21, quite a few years out from 18.

  • The age limit should be changed to 18.

    The age limit for alcohol needs to be changed to 18. In my opinion, if people can smoke at the age of 18 and damage their bodies, why should they not be able to drink? I think at 18 everyone has decided their own life choices and if they want to buy liquor they should be able to. There is not much more of a maturity difference between the ages of 18 and 21 anyway.

  • Yes, the age limit for alcohol should be changed to 18

    When you turn 18 you are legally regarded as an adult and entirely responsible for yourself. This is why I believe that you should be allowed to drink alcohol when you are 18 years old. Their is no compelling reason to have the drinking age set to 21. If a person is a legal adult, then they should be allowed to purchase and consume alcohol.

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