Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased (yes) or decreased (no)? 

  • Better off increased than decreased

    The current age limit is OK, but in this matter an increased age is better than a decreased age limit. Young adults' brains aren't fully developed to handle alcohol, and alcohol isn't a must in the first place. The world could be a better place without alcohol anyway, let alone it be in the hands of an immature young adult. If the age limit was lowered to 18, the person could person could purchase alcohol and sneak it into school, and share it with even younger fellow students, since there are in fact some 18-year-old high school seniors.

  • Yes the age should increase

    So people stop committing crimes in the influence of alcohol. Teenagers brain hasn't developed properly and are not mature enough to make their own decisions, the crime rates may decrease if the age is increased which would be really good for themselves and even also the public. INCREASE THE AGE

  • Why should it be decreased?

    Young adults may be capable of making the best choices for themselves if they think more and act less, but they often don't. Many of them do not obey their parents either, so if the drinking age was decreased, teens would have the freedom to act on impulse and get themselves into dangerous situations. People should just abstain from alcohol altogether. Look at all the families that have lost a loved one to drunk driving. I don't wish that kind of pain on anyone.

  • Any age is a good age

    There should not be any alcohol age restriction. I believe that judgment is up to the parents. I don't feel the government should have a right to say anything that matter. In some families they all have table wine or beer for dinner. That includes children and old people. Who's to say their culture is incorrect?

  • The alcoholic drinking age is fine where it is at.

    In America we can see that many kids can not handle their liquor at the current legal drinking age: look at how many DUIs there are and how many drunk fights. Making it accessible for even younger people is just asking for more problems. I believe there needs to be more education, not more lenient laws.

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