Should the amendments to the Constitution be updated or changed?

  • Update Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment (Amendment II) was adopted in 1791 and it is not suitable for the modern society anymore. We need to ban guns and make our society safer. Too many people are killed by guns each year. We cannot ignore this problem any longer.
    Violence is out of control. Guns are a major cause. They all should be banned – the sooner the better.

  • Change is Constant

    We are in a everchanging world. So why be afraid of change if it is aready happening all around you. Some amendments are just not up to par with todays society. It still says that African Americans are 3/5 of a human that is riduculous and needs to be changed.

  • If an amendment is no longer viable, then it can be changed but it should be done very carefully.

    Some of the amendments were created 200 years ago and our society has changed. These amendments are carefully enacted and should not be changed without a huge overwhelming majority.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • The Constitution should evolve with the times and society.

    Many things have changed since the Constitution was written and its contents should reflect these changes for the benefit of all citizens. Time
    changes everything and the Constitution should keep up with the times.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • liberaldemocrat

    The only thing that doesn't change is the change itself. Therefore, the change is inevitable and needed. How can a society catch up with others unless it does not internalize the change in itself in the globalized world? By keeping unchanged articles that protect some social values, all other articles can be revised and changed over time.

  • Out of date

    Many amendments were made under the circumstances of the time period of which they were made. One example is the third amendment, which allows people to decide whether or not soldiers stay in their homes. This amendment was made during the revolutionary war, when soldiers would take over people’s homes for living quarters, because states had their own militias, and the U.S. didn’t have an established army with bases across the country like it does now. Not many American soldiers are trying to take over our homes nowadays. Another outdated amendment is the 12th amendment, which is the amendment that establishes the electoral college. This was made because they only wanted educated people voting. In today’s society however, people know more about politics and have a more clear understanding of who and what they’re voting on. Candidates just use this outdated amendment to manipulate the voting system. And changing the constitution doesn’t “take our freedoms away”. Even now, amendments can be ratified and repealed, changing them. One example is the 18th amendment which banned all sales of alcohol. When it was found to be a bad idea, they created the 21st amendment, which repealed the 18th amendment. The document itself was an experimental document, made for a society over 200 years ago, for a government style that had not yet been known. Even Thomas Jefferson himself believed the constitution should be changed every 19 years, to be able to stay with the times. Almost all countries that have constitutions change them, or revise them after certain time periods. And simply adding amendments, articles, clauses, sections, etc just turns the constitution into a confusing and contradicting document. Contrary to some others’ opinions there is something wrong with it.

  • The constitution has flaws.

    When the constitution was created it had a set of rights, these rights were the base of what we should have. For instance the freedom of speech is a right that should be given but now that we have it's being exploited to show and do things that nearly everyone deems bad.

  • Times are Changing

    The technology today couldn't have been imagined by the Founding Fathers. They had no idea what the future would hold. It's not the 1800's problems we're dealing with anymore. The rules should be updated because technology and problems are changing. If you take guns away from everyone, a lot less people could go into schools and kill innocent children. Yes, people wouldn't be able to defend themselves as easily, but people also wouldn't be able to be threats as easily. There wouldn't be such a need for defense if the threat was condenced. The Constitution should be updated because we are in very different times, centuries away from the Founding Fathers' and their beliefs.

  • What types of weapons were available in 1791?

    So the ordeal about the 2nd amendment lives on and the amendment states that it "ensures citizens and the nations to the right of security (the right to bear arms) then the guns of 1791 should be the only guns we citizens should be allowed to carry.
    With the mentality or the want/need to have assault weapons available for John-Q-Public goes against the 2nd amendment. No where does the 2nd amendment state the right to bear military weapons! And to state that military weapons are considered "arms" is insane. Yeah but ..... Yeah but ...... Yeah but .......... GROW UP! Use the brain GOD gave you! The only ones who should be permitted to carry military/assault weapons are the military and law enforcement. You who whine about "IT'S MY SECOND AMENDMENT" then you go on a police call where some idiot is shooting up a bar, a school, a public park and draw your police issued weapon and try to compete with an AR-15, I’d be like taking a pea shooter to a BB gun fight. If anyone can carry an AR-15 then law enforcement should carry rocket launchers, hence the right to bear arms. What a screwed up world we live in with whiners like that and the governments "Legalized Corruption Act of 1908", I can understand why other countries think Americans are immoral. Ok, now it's time for the whiners to rip this apart.

  • The Human Race is evolving, why not the rules

    Times have changed significantly since these rules were made. Slave ownership for example is now a repulsive idea to the majority of all humans, however at the time it was as normal as the internet is today. History will not be on the side of the fanatics and fundamentalists that think that at any point any rule is absolute for all time and cannot be questioned or amended by a committee of sane people living in the present day. The US was the world leader in innovation and forward thinking at some point but has got stuck there and will never lead the way with gas lamps, powder wigs, bed pans, muskets, horse drawn carriages, and outdated/obsolete thinking that has no place in today's society.

  • The founding fathers made the amendments for a reason

    The corrupt goverment is trying to take our 2nd amendment right away so we are defenceless. Less people die when there are more guns around so why should we ban them. Feinstein wants to ban assault rifles even though it wasn't used in the newtown shooting! There is a video of it being recieved from Lanza's car! The goverment wants to change the constitution to take our rights away! They set up these mass shootings just to take guns away. And they are getting away with it. The constutution is our last defence from tyrannical goverment and thats why it shouldn't be changed!

  • Nothing Wrong with It

    Everyone is saying "change, change!" Why change it if there is nothing wrong with it. The Constitution includes everything. If you don't agree, read the 10th amendment. The Constitution in no way says that African Americans are 3/5 human. I completely agree with "LimpingChauncey64." This idea gives the government the chance to take away our precious freedoms. Imagine an hourglass. Our freedoms are the sand. The small hole that allow the sand to fall is the government and we are the top half of the glass. Over time our freedoms are taken away from us. Sadly, this hourglass cannot be flipped over once more. When our freedoms are gone..they are gone

  • No! Amendments to the Constitution should not be updated or changed.

    Once we allow any of the Amendments to be tampered with in any way, we lose our Constitutional rights. It will give the government the options to remove, change or alter, any Amendments they deem necessary for the protection of national security. Americans do not understand how many rights we lost to the Homeland Security Act.

    Posted by: LimpingChauncey64
  • NO!

    I think that the constitution should not be changed beacuse it hasent been since it was written and i think thats amazing! i mean it has taken us from horses and buggys to the technology we have today. also i think that it would be very hard to change and leave it with the qualities it has today.

  • Founding Fathers

    The founding fathers set America on the right track, and now corrupt people are trying to adjust the Constitution to suit their needs and ideas. The founding fathers knew this would happen, this was the whole point behind writing the Constitution. The Constitution should not be tampered with. Who is to say that the Constitution should change?

  • Think. You're dumb.

    Guns will always be available....Even if they are made illegal. But if they are illegal then no one can buy guns, an example of this being bad would be that no fathers can buy a gun to protect his family in case of a criminal with a black market gun raping and robbing him.

  • It is your duty as a citizen.

    We swear an oath to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Yes, that means that the day could come where it is your duty to take up arms against our own government. Sounds crazy? Give up your rights and there is nothing to stand between freedom and tyranny. Couldn't happen here? I hope your right. Our government has the duty to serve us not the other way around. That is why the founders of this Great country worded the constitution and its amendments in the manner that they did. Their biggest fear was the Government getting too powerful and subjugating it's citizens!

  • It is a right.

    I have a right to keep a gun in my house. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. It's not the guns fault that somebody took it and used it for badness. That's like banning all dogs because they bite and kill people and other dogs. Ever think that's because the people train them that way? The constitution has worked for so long. Why change what works?

  • Why change what has already been deemed to work?

    There is no point to change the amendments to our Constitution. Keep what has kept our country together since our Founding Fathers wrote such an inspiring document. In order to keep up with "the times" why not update and add new amendments? Why does updating mean having to wipe out the original rights listed. If we changed the original amendments this would only limit our rights even more. Corruption is behind amending the Constitution...Plain and simple. Don't do it!

  • Guns arent bad

    Theres nothing wrong with the guns, its just the people that are buying them. Mabet if it was a little bit harder to obtain them and mabey implement some backround checks then we would have less shootings. We wouldnt have to change the amendments fir this but just add more.

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