Should the American student who got stuck inside a vagina sculpture in Germany be punished for his actions?

  • Disrespecting Other Countries Should be Lessons

    If someone from a foreign country came to the US and disrespected our country, our citizens would be up in arms and ready to brawl. We shouldn't be so quick to say that other countries shouldn't be able to do the same. Its plain hypocrisy. Americans should be able to follow the laws of other countries just as foreigners should follow ours when visiting the United States of America.

  • He broke the law.

    Even tho the sculpture wasn't harmed, he still broke the law and had to be rescued by the fire department costing them their time and efforts. If he goes unpunished, what kind of message does that send? That Americans can do whatever they want? Next thing you know, they will have people trying to duplicate it for their own few minutes of fame. It's not like he's a 10 yr old who got his head stuck in a fence because of a dare, he's 22 and got stuck in a piece of art on a stupid dare. I think the least they should do is deport this moron.

  • Where do we find these idiots

    These idiots must be purged from this Earth. Stupid fools. How does anyone get stuck in a sculpture? And damn, he is messing around with museum property. Although the punishment can't be lethal due to morality, they can certianly charge a fine or give a week in jail. Foolish humans

  • No, the student should not be punished criminally.

    The American student that got stuck inside a vagina sculpture will most likely be punished by the amount of publicity that the story will make for him. If there was a video taken, it is most likely making its rounds on social media, along with any pictures. The humiliation alone will be a greater punishment than most criminal charges would be. In short, as long as the student did not vandalize the sculpture, he should not face any criminal charges.

  • No, it is embarrassing enough.

    With these young people its all about diving in head first and thinking about how to get out of the hole they've gotten themselves into later. Incidently, did he remember to ask consent from the giant vagina first? ! Funny, but I think he is already punished enough. it is so embarrassing .

  • It's more about sociology

    The sculpture originally has a good purpose, I believe. In psychology, when a thought is hidden behind the subconscious, it has a potential danger to come out mutated and stronger later on. I think the artist wanted to crush the taboo of sex by sculping a "gigantic" vagina. It can't be hidden so you have to accept it as natural - which it actually is. It is meant to have an introspective effect on both males or females on how they see things. Because on many platforms sex is exaggerated. Especially for males, it is a tool in order to have power over others. Because it is said so, it is taught so, it is shown so.
    Appearently, the student rushed before thinking but we can't blame him for having this mindset. The news has a serious psychological and sociological background, rather than being a personal case.

  • No. His mother should.

    Why would he be so attached to the vagina, if his mommy didn't make him an addict? Complicated idea, but the truth you wish for is so simple it is foolish. You are all a bunch of retards! Ha ha ha!!!!!! I offended you, so sue my, clitoris rexes! Bring it.

  • American student's sculpture mishap not cause for punishment

    Immature giggling abounded after the news came out that an American student got stuck inside a vagina-shaped sculpture while spending time in Germany. I don't think this is worth meting out punishment: many American students make silly mistakes when they either study or tour overseas, and this is just another example of that.

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