Should the beating of children at school and home be allowed?

  • Beatings in school, no. Beating at home, yes!

    Beatings should definitely be part of disciplinary action in any home. I consider beating to be a severe punishment, children shouldn't be often beat. If they do something really bad, though, give them a few good slaps and that'll make sure a child doesn't repeat the mistake. Reward good behavior appropriately, but bad behavior always calls for a slap or two. Verbal encouragement or discouragement is never good; children will find ways to exploit that and soon they will be the masters of the household, and not the parents.

    At school, however, beatings should not be allowed. The way a child behaves is influenced by those closest to him, namely friends and family. Mostly family. If a child does not behave appropriately at school, then it is the parents' responsibility of his bad behavior, and not the school.

  • Beating Is OK.

    Beatings should be done in moderation. If your child is being a brat, you need to beat them up a little to make them learn their lesson. A time out isn't going to do squat. In this age and time, we are too kind to children. If you are giving your child 2nd place medals, you should reconsider and beat them for being second.

  • This debate title is worded incorrectly.

    Many people think that this is a bad thing. Spanking your child's behind is much different than beating them. Most people tend to think that they are the same, but they are sorely mistaken. I believe that if a child is absurdly insubordinate and/or disrespectful they should receive a spanking regardless of being at home or school. Then you would reward good behavior teaching the child what is right from wrong. This generation of parents want to be friends (doormats) for their child, when they need to be PARENTS. Punish your child and make sure they don't do the bad thing again. None of this participation trophy stuff, either you do it right or you get nothing. That's how the whole world of reality works, so instill this in them young.

  • Beating children leaves them a black mark which they never forget

    A child at a very young age likes to play, its an age where everything is new to them, where he/she is discovering new aspects of life. If just from the beginning a child is beaten by a teacher just because he/she doesn't understand a concept while studying or because of misbehaving than I am sorry you have failed to become a teacher. The basic definition of a teacher is "A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values". Basically teacher is a person who transfer knowledge to students, who teaches them a broader idea of the subject. Now where it's written that transferring knowledge specifically requires beating an individual. If some student is misbehaving or is unable to learn anything so use the art of teaching it self, tell them the bad consequences that will lead to them in future if they perform this act, you can detain them for a short period of time, may be expel them if things go out of hand but beating is the worst solution what so ever. Physical abuse only causes stress, sadness and temptations for children to cause suicide & use drugs. Students spend most of there days in school, they see teachers as their motivators, their mentors, their gateway to become a better person. We are living in 21st century where the greatest leaders of our generation & innovators used their skills of diplomacy and their will power to bring new ideas to change people. To change a heart of a person requires them to show a good example, a leading example where they will follow you. The other side of the "YES" party argue that kids get on my nerves and kids below 18 should be spanked. Get on your nerves? Seriously sir/madam what are you even paid for as a teacher, a teacher is a person who has a back ground knowledge of what he has to do before he enters a class room, if you can't control children by words than you immediately have to be spanked. You yourself are teachers and read books, first of all read the basic amendments of human right charter, read each articles and understand what does it say.
    If a teacher is beating his children for me, he should be jailed for physical abuse or sacked from his job all around the globe.

    *PS I am not a grammar Nazi so you might find many grammatical errors*

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  • Damn it all to hell!

    Go back to school and get some education in civility. There's no room for violence in any modern developed nation. Want some brutality, regimentation and inadequate care in your old age? Join the army or a BDSM circle.

    And, for crying out loud, don't have kids! We need more divergent thinking in society not less. Masters of a household? Pah! More like slaves of the mundane clawing at the misery of their unfulfilled lives.

  • Of Course Not!

    Beating children can cause trauma, and a resentment for the beater, which may cause them to act up even more! There are more humane ways to reprimand children a beating kids just isn't ok. Children need discipline, not corporal punishment. Some kids have also been very seriously hurt or even killed from beatings inflicted, so do not, beat children for a punishment.

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