Should the Catholic Church be considered a hate group after the Pope's anti-gay sermon?

  • About time! Obama's legal attack dog plans to resign

    The church is spreading hatred through the Catholic Online. How can a Church demean other people, even Christ would be horrified by the US catholic church. Jesus taught love, dignity and respect, the US catholic church teaches cruelty, repression and hatred. Pray Pope Francis will stop the political bishops and return the church to the people

  • World's largest hate group

    Look at what is happing in Africa xenophobic attitudes by people (catholic church) who are meant to show love and care and compassion to all people.

    All we see from this so called religion is hate and dominance, they show ignorance to the true reality of society, shame on this group of so called elders.

  • Hate group might be too harsh.

    Nevertheless, they are not doing anything against members of their own Church that are being hateful and that are committing hate crimes. So, if you see evil among your own people...People that you should lead and donĀ“t do anything against it...Should you be respected? I don't really agree that it should be called hate group, but neither should this issue be left alone.

  • Hetero-normativity is not a go to, in order to create shame on those who are hetero

    I have experience with the catholic church, and NEVER has the pope ever said anything anti-gay, he is pro-gay! I have looked for this so-called speech done by the pope and found absolutely NOTHING that supports this crass claim. So please lets get it right for once huh? What do you say?
    The pope has asked all Christians to apologise to the lgbt community.
    The only speech I have found recently is where he explicitly tells Christians to seek to make amends.
    "Christians must ask gods forgiveness for treatment of gay people" (catholicherald.Co.Uk) dated the 27 June 2016

  • It is wrong to be gay, period.

    No matter what liberals say, being gay is morally wrong, period. I'm sorry for all the people out there who have no good moral up-bringing, but same sex partnerships are have been condemned throughout history. Being gay is not a genetic disease, it is an immoral choice that is emphasized as being okay by the media. Call me what you want (Christians and people of people of faith have been persecuted throughout history), but being gay is wrong , period. On judgment day, the atheists and immoral souls will be in front of God.

  • Sin is sin

    Bad laws may be popular but they don't change Gods truth. We are all sinners in need of Gods mercy no matter what our temptations are. Same sex attraction or pornography, sex before marriage or whatever sin we battle with are all wrong in Gods eyes. Legislating for sin does not show love to the sinner. Know that God loves you beyond our wildest imagination and waits for us to turn to him.

  • Heterosexuality Is Not Hate Speech

    Speech about the rejection of the homosexual lifestyle is not the first time that some have opposed myths that are propagated in our culture. The idea that people are born homosexual, must choose their sexual orientation, and are damaged by those who advise differently than homosexuality is a ploy and unfortunate stance making its way through our culture.
    The Salem witch trials are evidence that a whole society can believe what is not true. But the belief in the exploits of witches determined how people lived their lives from day to day. The beliefs affected business, education, politics and juris prudence. But, in the end, no real witches.
    The 1980s daycare scare, affected society from the west coast to the east coast, north coast to gulf coast. Children were being walked into the woods, shown animals being cut and killed, heard threats, and were sexually abused. Social workers, educators, and the courts, along with the media were all in on the unfortunate sentencing of innocent individuals during that decade. In the end, a farce.
    In present day America, everyone is in on the idea that untold numbers are same sex individuals. Men with men, and women with women must be accepted as the norm. To say anything questioning this life style is hate speech. Actually, to fail to speak the truth about human sexuality is to display a lack of love and concern.
    The truth is that the body determines sexuality and manifests its decision in the human organs. Humans are what their tools say. Their tools are for the propagation of the human race. They can be used for same sex relations, but those relations are against nature and injurious. And one does not have to be engaged with another to work against nature. To bend my fingers, opposite of their natural use, is against their nature. To poke my eyes with sharp objects will damage their natural abilities. To insert my sexual organs into vices, or animals, or into fire or germ cultures will all affect their natural use.
    It is expected that the youth of this generation would not know simple truths about life. But when the white headed, aged, experienced population in society believe that corrective speech, spoken in love, is hate speech, the demise of all of the people cannot be very far behind.
    The Catholic Church, and all churches claiming association with Christ, must continue their counsel and loving instruction to those so easily deceived by the uninformed and homosexual community.

  • That's not a sufficient criteria for being a hate group

    All of us subscribe to some kind of morality, even if it is a subjective morality. That means we all consider some things wrong. It is absurd to think that because a person or organization considers some action to be wrong that they are therefore a hate group. If that were a sufficient criteria for being considered hateful, then we'd all be hateful by that criteria. Anybody who thought the Pope was wrong for condemning homosexuality would be guilty of hate.

  • Of course not, he's one person.

    No, the Church should not be labeled a hate group because of one speech. The Catholic church is not calling for any action against gays, nor are they discriminating against them in any way. They believe, and always have believed, that being gay is contrary to God's plan. They are entitled to have, and voice, that belief.

  • No, the Pope is doing his job, that's all.

    It is the Pope's job to tell us what the Catholic God expects of us. There is far more kindness and understanding among Catholics in the real world. You cannot consider the Catholic Church a hate group as a whole just because the Pope says something. In fact, Catholics are notorious for making amendments to their religion based on practical applications to modern day life. The Pope himself does not advocate treating gay people with hatred or as outcasts, and I don't believe many Catholics would follow him if he did.

  • They Are Not A Hate Group

    The Catholic Church should not be considered a hate group. It has been known for years that many religious people are against things done in the gay community, so the Pope's sermon should not be a surprise to anyone. The Pope is a figure head for Catholics but many do not share the same opinion about gays that he does.

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