• The CEO of the DNC was right to resign

    Amy Dacey, the CEO of the DNC, is just another in the line of DNC officials who have resigned after WikiLeaks released scandalous information about how the DNC purposefully manipulated the primaries to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders from getting a chance to be elected as the Democratic nominee for president. Dacey is right to step down - manipulating the primaries is no way for a party leader to behave.

  • Yes, she should have.

    She was making terrible decsions and awful mistakes that affected not only the people around her, but the country and the world at large. It was very imporant that she step down and let someone who is more capable take over. Her resignation can help save face for the democratic party.

  • Not many other options

    After the email hacks and resulting controversy, I don't think there was much else she could have done. At this point, it's important for the DNC to clean house and move forward. I didn't read the emails, and given the opposition, I don't care what they said, since I can't stomach Trump. However for people who do, the Dems need to move on and show that they're taking this seriously.

  • yes she should have

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needed to resign. The only thing I was upset about is that it took her so long. She had the nerve to attempt to speak at the convention. She had essentially allowed her ambition to overshadow the needs of the democratic party. Essentially, the appearance of unfairness and dissent happened on her watch.

  • Resignation is a privilege. She should have been fired.

    What else can go wrong for the corrupt democrat regime? First the Ruskies sniff out Debbie Wasserman Schultz own email which admitted Senator Sanders really won the democrat primary and released it to Wikileaks. Good luck with your re-election congresswoman. Buh-bye. Now CEO Dacey, CFO Marshall, and communications director Miranda all bail in the same day. What's next? Maybe there really was time to save Ambassador Stevens and the heroes that died with him in Benghazi when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in office. Oh wait. There was. No way Secretary of State Clinton had above top secret intelligence on an unsecured server though right? Oh, she did that too. Quick sidebar. The Russians hacked Debbie Wasserman Schultz email that was on a secured server. They have your emails too Secretary Clinton. So do the Chinese, North Koreans and Iranians. Hell, so do I. Even the ones you deleted. Seems the democrats are sweating a bit. They should be. Donald Trump is about to win in the biggest landslide since 1984. He might even take Minnesota.

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