• Yes, I think the Chinese government should ban the Yulin dog meat festival.

    Yes, I think the Chinese government should ban the Yulin dog meat festival because dogs are too intelligent to be eaten. Dogs are human beings best friends and should be played with and loved instead of served on plates. The Yulin dog meat festival is very barbaric and needs to be banned as soon as possible.

  • Ban the festival

    The festival should be banned because dogs are man's best friend. Although people in different countries have other customs, dogs have been companions for thousands of years. It is not right to kill then and eat them when they are so good to people. The Chinese government should take action and ban the festival.

  • People around the world have been demanding an end to the Yulin dog meat festival

    It seems like an outdated cultural event. Few countries around the world eat dog meat. Few countries hold such an event. The meat is usually set aside as food for the older population as a delicacy. The manner in which the dogs are transported for slaughter is horrific. The animals are crowded into cages, and then killed. In the West, dogs are a man's best friend. Animals such as dogs are domesticated, and they are portrayed in the media as one of the family. Westerners cannot possibly understand this event, so people of the West naturally have a repulsion to it. Animal rights groups are intent on stopping the festival. Judging by the great opposition to the Yulin dog meat festival, China should ban it altogether. It is time China gets in sync with the times, and replaces this out-dated event with more culturally appropriate and acceptable ways to celebrate life.

  • Yes, the Yulin dog meat festival is a barbaric relic of the past that needs to be forgotton.

    The Chinese government should ban the Yulin dog meat festival. This mass slaughter of animals is not only cruel, but dangerous as well. Gathering all those dogs in close proximity to each other spreads diseases which can easily be passed on to the people that attend the festival due to the lack of hygienic standards and proper cooking techniques.

  • Yes. Ban it all.

    The Yulin dog festival is cruel, harmful, and they're killing 10-15 thousand dogs in 10 days. They're kept in horrible conditions and contract infectious diseases. Those diseases can be spread to the person eating it and boom. We have another disease with no cure in the U.S. How do you think Ebola began. Anyways they need to stop the Yulin Dog Festival and they should stop Finning.

  • Eating dogs and cats is fine, but they should be treated with respect like any other animal.

    An often heard argument is that dogs and cats are not viewed as domestic animals in China and thus it's okay to eat them. Cows are viewed as holy animals in India yet half the world eats beef regularly and pigs are even smarter than dogs but they're eaten as well. That's why I think the Chinese have the full right to eat dogs and cats.

    The real reason why I think the Yulin festival should be banned is because of the treatment of the animals. The animals are tortured because the increased amount of adrenaline is believed to make the meat taste better. Limbs are cut off, they get beaten, they are skinned and cooked, all while being alive. There's no justification for this. Even if meat does taste better if animals are tortured, I'd still prefer meat from animals that had a good ending. Even halal is a thousand times better than this.

  • I think the Chinese government should NOT ban the Yulin dog meat festival! 😊

    No, because the festival is their tradition. If you don't like eating dog so be it, that's their tradition. Eating dog is just like eating pig, cow, chicken, turkey, even though people keep saying that dog is mans best friend and that you shouldn't eat them. I love this un-attributed quote: "If one condemns eating of the meat of one particular animal, one must condemn the eating of the meats of ALL animals.­ Those who do not are just a pot calling a kettle black."

  • I think banning Yulin dog meat festival is not good.

    Because this is their own culture and we are suppressing to ban them. And dog being a human's best friend or delicacy is depended on where they go. Of course stealing a pet dog or slaughtering abandoded dogs is not good. However, I say no to inhumane slaughtering process such as boiling, beating, and skinning them alive. So Yulin dog meat festival should not be banned.

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