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  • No way, religion should not be funded.

    I would be furious if I found out my tax money was going to any religion. Religion is not a government thing. It should be secular. Instead of building new buildings or improving libraries you're proposing they use it on a religion that a small percentage of the population believes in. Non-believers will be unhappy if they find out their hard-earned money goes into a religion they don't believe in. It's a ludicrous idea and violates the separation of church and state.

  • No other religious beliefs are funded either

    In most places I don't think things like the Church or Mosque are funded, and I think with good reason since these religions don't apply to most of the general public who are funding, especially Scientology which is even less popular. However if funding is optional then I think that is fine.

  • No, Scientology churches are exclusive and should not be funded.

    Like every religious organization, membership to the Church of Scientology is exclusive to some degree. Therefore, such organizations should not receive public funding. Besides the exclusivity, the Church of Scientology is not a public interest group. Giving taxpayers' money to such a group would not benefit the public in any way.

  • No. American Government is Secular.

    As my headline states, American government is secular. American government does not support any beliefs, nor does it endorse any. Providing funding to a group that many most likely don't know about, may generate controversy, and possibly but not likely even stir up hate against it. Scientology should only be funded by private organizations.

  • No, but neither should any church.

    I don't think that any church should receive public funding. To me, all religions seem ridiculous, so who is to decide which ones are legitimate and worthy of receiving public funding? Let's make it simple and not give public funding to any religion. The government is not supposed to favor any religion over any other religion, so by eliminating public funding for churches, it won't have to.

  • No, any church receiving public funding is a violation of the separation of church and state.

    No, the Church of Scientology should not receive public funding. In the United States, there is a separation of church and state, which means that public funding from taxes are not to be given to religious institutions. Any funding that the Church of Scientology requires needs to be collected by private means and not funded out of the government's pocket when that public money could be going to things that would benefit the whole, not just one group of people.

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