• Remove ALL exemptions

    The cost of Government must be shared EQUALLY, by all. Not in proportion to income, race, gender, age, religion, wealth, etc. Per capita, plain and simple. Anything else is theft by one group against another. We are either equal under the law or we are not. Exemptions from paying tax cause distortions, which reduce equality. We must discontinue the free ride if we are to be free.

  • Churches should pay taxes

    Very simply, churches are built in the country. Church goers drive and walk on Government roads. They require and receive free services, and on top of this receive untaxed dollars from members. Separation between church and State pertains to freedom of Religion. Let's not also pretend like Religion does not influence societal opinion or political discourse. Very simply, pay your taxes like everyone else.

  • How is Separation of Church and State an argument for NOT taxing?

    If anything, that would seem to be to in favor of taxing churches. Why is a church given any special designation by the 'State'? It should be treated like any other business. To be "separate" doesn't imply special treatment.

    A church is a business, plain and simple. They should be taxed and required to follow the same rules as all other businesses and organizations.

    I think a better question would be "What makes a church "special" to get this exemption?" Or even better, what exactly is a "church"?

  • Absolutely.

    People pay higher taxes to subsidize religious organizations. That includes people not in that religion, or any religion. This forces people to pay for religions, and gives preference to religions. This could be seen as a violation of the first amendment. There is no rationale for this luxury. Many churches also advocate higher taxes, usually on the rich. If they really want to see more taxes, they could at least start by paying some. Its easy to call for higher taxes coming from an incredibly wealthy organization that pays ZERO taxes. We have such a large debt problem, and we are constantly looking for ways to trim the budget and save money. We could start by collecting the $71,000,000,000 a year that churches are exempt from. Also, many can hardly pass as non-profit. Income is defined as 'money received on a regular basis.' certainly tithes/offerings count. Religious institutions are not a-political. And therefore should wave any tax exemption for that as well. If churches push the notion that abortion, or gay marriage is immoral, or against the bible, then it is political. Even to advocate in favor is to take a political stand. Churches should be held accountable and treated the same way as everyone else. To do otherwise gives respect to an establishment of religion, violating the first amendment.

  • Absolutely, Yes and about time.

    If the idea of God existing is strong enough to hold palpable weight in society, then He too should pay taxes. Separation of church and state. My tax dollars should not be going towards a religious institution, no matter what kind of 'charitable' work they proclaim they do. Enough already.

  • Yes they should

    Churches have now become political - enough said. They can either stay out of politics, or be forced to pay their taxes. It's the only fair thing to do. Churches are not about helping anymore; they seek large profit and have entered the political arena, thus deserved to be taxed.

  • Without a doubt

    Churches have now become political - enough said. They can either stay out of politics, or be forced to pay their taxes. It's the only fair thing to do. Churches are not about helping anymore; they seek large profit and have entered the political arena, thus deserved to be taxed.

  • Of course they should.

    Churches make tons of profit every day - from the fundamentalist churches on TV to the Catholic church's weekly pass around of the bucket, church's rake in the bucks. And then, on top of that, churches think they get a major say in politics as well. So, let me get this straight - churches make a killing, but pay no taxes, which is a sneaky but awesome business plan, and then they also try to control Washington? What crazy world are we living in where this is ok? It's hypocritical and wrong.

  • Undoubtedly

    Churches are often utilized for profit. Generally the way this whole economy thing works is if you do that, you get taxed. Yet, here we are, churches aren't and there's no way it's happening in the near future because politicians are terrified of even proposing it. They get services provided to them, they should be expected to pay their share.

  • Yes, they are members of society like all other organizations.

    Churches are incredibly lucrative enterprises and should be taxed if only to keep them honest and prevent embezzlement. Churches may provide many services to society by helping the impoverished, but they also use services paid for by taxes. If churches do not pay taxed, then they should not receive the same level of service from government supported groups.

  • The Church is Non-Profit and Not Subsidized

    It seems we have a misunderstanding... The federal government DOES NOT subsidize churches in any way! None of your tax dollars are going towards churches, like so many seem to think. The churches are only exempt from taxes because they are non-profit organizations, which means that they are not working to make money. Churches are treated just like any other non-profit, it's not unfair and it's not against the First Amendment. It would be unfair to make them pay taxes while other non-profit organizations are tax exempt.

  • Churches should not be forced to contribute to causes they do not support.

    I am at a church where many members are pacifists. To tax the church would be to use their money (since it is the members who provide the financial contributions which make up the church's budget) to fund causes they do not support for religious reasons. That would place government above religion and, in effect, cause a violation of the first amendment.

  • Churches include non-profit organizations

    Making Churches pay taxes would not only affect Churches but non-profit expenditures and others since they fall under the same category. Forcing non-profit organizations to pay taxes would also legally allow churches to be classified as business entities and have all of the same responsibilities without receiving any benefits whatsoever.

    Posted by: Cobo
  • For Religious Freedom (Tax Exempt)

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the same old Separation of church and state baloney (the actual words separation of church and state are nowhere found in our constitution. They are words penned by thomas jefferson in personal letters). This goes against our second amendment of the freedom of religion. Here's why:

    1) Churches are on an equal playing field as other non-profit organizations because of their tax-exempt 501c-3. These are Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations. That means that your local women's shelter doesn't need to pay taxes, and your favorite "charity" like the american cancer society.

    2) Being a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization directly limits the control that the government can have on how the organization is run.

    3) If churches are stripped of their 501(c)(3) status, then the government can tell them and essentially force them to do and say what the government wants.

    4) So it follows that taking away a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from churches takes away the freedom of religion.

    5) To all those who are not a part of any religion, this is still important because it limits certain freedoms of the people of the united states. If you were a person of faith, wouldn't you want to be able to choose which faith you want to believe in? Or would you be perfectly fine with the government forcing you to believe a certain way? Or for that matter, how would you feel them forcing you to be a person of faith? Limiting freedom is limiting freedom either way you look at it. Stripping constitutional freedoms away from any people group is a sign of a deteriorating and controlling government.

  • This makes no sense...

    Separation of Church and State...Hmmmmmm...
    America was founded on the basis that the government would not enforce of prohibit any type of religion. People, in America can practice any giving religion FREELY. The Catholic Church has a great deal of money, but that is not owned by the United States government. What is under the power of the government is the churches on our soil. Let me put it this way, my local Catholic Parish has just enough money to get by week to week. But let me tell you how much charity these churches do, it is astounding. Churches do more to help the needy than any other organization, including the government, why does that need to change?

  • The Church Should Not Pay Taxes

    No, the Christian Church, nor any other religious organization, should pay taxes in the United States. The reason that religious organizations do not pay taxes is due to the concept of the separation of church and state. To force religious organizations to pay taxes would be in violation of this concept.

  • What is there to tax?

    Gathering at a church is like gathering at someone's back yard and listening to music and meditating. The money exchanging at church is like all of these people putting some money in a hat and giving that money to the local homeless guy. Do you really want to tax the money these people gathered on their weekend to give to the needy?

  • NO tax on churches

    My church provides far more to the community than the government could receive in taxes. But for most churches they don't put that on billboards...It would be interesting to see the numbers...Anyone have an idea please email me I would be interested in seeing the numbers of what they think the federal government would receive and how much in charity churches give out to others.

  • Separation of Church and State is important.

    Well, when it comes to this topic, it is stated that when this country was first established, they made it clear that church and state were two separate entities in their own right. So doing this would be completely unconstitutional. I'm not saying this doesn't need to be changed, but as of now it would be the wrong thing to do by constitutional standards.

  • No.

    I have to agree with what Cobo said. And not all churches are on TV...The money they get aside from keeping the building in one piece, goes to getting supplies such as food and clothes to people in need when there are not enough of those items donated. Also taking away money from the church essentially means less money for those who need it. And not everyone is forced to donate in church.

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Quan says2013-08-22T18:00:50.577
I'm unsure on this one. Perhaps for the fullest separation churches should not pay taxes but also should not recieve any government funding. Or perhaps they should just follow the same rules as other for-profit organizations.