Should the Clinton Campaign and the DNC be held accountable for rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders?

  • Yes, the DNC should face some sort of punishment for their impact against Sanders.

    In many states the election was not fair for people that didn't self-identify as Democrats. In states where people voted as independents or other- got their votes discarded. This should never happen in a real democracy. Every vote should count no matter who you are. The Clinton Campaign and DNC should face punishment.

  • Yes, the DNC should be accountable for the primary impact against Bernie Sanders

    There should be a full investigation of the DNC for any unfair practices against the Bernie Sanders campaign. It is imperative that the political system and the presidential primaries be impartial and fair for all candidates. The confidence of the American voter is at stake as well as future elections, so those responsible should be accountable.

  • Yes, bad example

    Yes, the DNC should be held accountable. As an association that is to remain neutral for the good of the people and our government, they blatantly did not show Bernie Sanders neutrality. Why should citizens uphold the law, while "leaders" go rogue and have no consequences for their action? Hmmmm?

  • The primaries are entirely self-governed

    Legally, the DNC was under no obligation to treat Bernie Sanders fairly. The rules for the primaries are determined by the party committees, not the FEC. What the DNC did was despicable and corrupt, but legal. Even if Sanders won they could still technically just say, "nah, we want Hillary, so we're changing the rules" (a similar strategy was indeed floated on the RNC side to defeat Trump).

    Again, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton showed themselves to be corrupt liars (nothing new for Hillary), but they didn't break the law.

    Posted by: SM29
  • It's sad, but happens

    No, the Clinton campaign and the DNC should not be held accountable for rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders. First, there's no real proof that much was actually done to rig the primary. Emails were clearly sent about the topic. They were inappropriate, but questions still exist about what actions actually took place and whether they were effective. Bernie Sanders may have lost fair and square. We just don't know, and we may not ever know.

  • Clinton and the DNC should not be held accountable for actions against Bernie Sanders

    The Clinton campaign and the DNC should not be held accountable for allegedly rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders. The DNC had a preference for Hillary Clinton, but there was nothing illegal. A party is free to choose its nominee in any way it deems fit. Those that do not like the current process should work to change it going forward.

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