Should the Constitution be amended, and if so how?

Asked by: SS111111
  • Amending the constitution properly is necessary at this point.

    I believe the constitution should be amended in three areas. One of which would be the descrimination of sexuality's and races. Now, you I'm pretty sure you're thinking racism is/has been dealt with however, it hasn't been fully dealt with. It has been reduced greatly but churches and even some businesses such as a SEFCU. No, it's not the business itself, it's the people running the business who are being racist to the people working there at the SEFCU banks around New York State and even across the country. It's employee to employee. And unfortunately that is the way it is. However, this can be changed, by pressing charges on the discriminator and even in the small terms you can press charges because it's important that everyone feel safe not feel broken because of their color or their sexuality or even who their parents are. Just because someone in your family is a sex offender or a convicted felon doesn't mean you are. I've been in situations where I've been discriminated because one of my family members is a convicted felon, and it doesn't feel good be put down because of someone in your family and their problems. It doesn't just go to people in the public areas it's everywhere, schools, homes, shelters, and even in businesses and it needs to stop! It hurts! Being made fun of because of your sexuality or race or color is like saying you should be in a house alone for forever because you are different. Don't discriminate against anything because you have your quirks just as everyone else has theirs! We are different by skin or by sexuality or by color BUT we are all human we all make mistakes, discrimination should have NEVER been one of those! If you want my personal opinion I'd say that the constitution should DEFINITELY be amended in many ways! I will make another post about the second and third situations, I feel the constitution should be amended appropriately.

  • The constitution should be dirasticly changed

    The constitution was made on the ideals of slavery Demeaning of woman keeping power to white land owners in power and much more corruption. The government still uses those principles. First off police still beat many black and Hispanic men on the street. The government arrests minories doing drugs and gives them up to twice the prison sentence. In poor areas they get exploited working at factory's or fast food. Single mothers can have to work 3 jobs to support the kids. This country needs to pay woman equally and provide equal opurtunitys and create jobs for all

  • Yes, the Constitution should be amended

    Yes, the Constitution should be able to be amended. The Constitution was ratified in 1788. The framers added Article V to the Constitution which deals with the process in which to add an amendment. (Article V can be found here) The framers added this because they knew that the Constitution couldn't cover everything necessary and that the country was going to progress and change thus requiring changes to the Constitution. I think the method in which to add an amendment currently is suffice.

  • I believe Prohibition should once again be implemented into the Constitution.

    I believe in Prohibition because alcohol is scientifically proven to be bad for you. It could potentially cause more child abuse cases in the U.S. It could also damage your brain if you drink too much of it. In conclusion, I believe that Alcohol should be banned in the U.S. and that Alcohol is potentially harmful to other and potentially yourself.

    Posted by: AL45
  • When needed, yes.

    Our constitution has a long list of amendments that have been added. They are intended to make things as fair and equal as can be. Tho there is room for improvement, care must be taken so that it stays fair and equal. Recently, I have seen many special interest groups wanting to gain advantage. Clearly this should not be allowed. For instance, in SS11111 answer, he believes things are unequal for women. Thing is, the law already makes the genders equal so no amendment is needed. If women feel they have been treated unfairly, by all means they can seek legal means to make it right. Thing is, just because your not getting paid the same does not mean your being cheated. In many careers, men are more able to complete a task, they may be more experienced, make more for the company or some other valid reason to pay them more. Women always want equal pay for equal work but they should remember that it is also equal work for equal pay. If you can't be as productive, then too bad.

  • Amend as necessary

    The Constitution should only be amended when necessary . I think that one amendment should be one granting women equal rights. Supporters attempted to pass one before but it failed. I think the time has come to have equal rights for women written into the constitution. Although the process is a difficult one, I think it is worth the effort.

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