Should the cooking of living lobster and crab be banned?

  • Yes, it is animal cruelty!

    It is bad enough killing animals. I hate eating meat. It is animal cruelty and it should not be allowed to violate what should be their rights like that. It should be made ILLEGAL right now! BAN all meats! We humans are damaging this planet enough as it is.... stop it right now! How are people this cruel?

  • It is cruel and inhumane.

    Cooking living lobster and especially crab which have been proved to posses an ability to feel pain is especially cruel and a clear offender to the charge of animal cruelty. Lobster and crab should be humanely killed with knife to the skull before the process of cooking. Otherwise the dish should be discouraged from a restaurant in the same manner as shark fin soup. The logic is the same, boiling lobster or crab in hot water is as cruel as, if not more than shopping fin from the shark alive then leave it to death.

  • There are more humane ways.

    It is food, but there exist more humane ways to cook animals, which kill them as quickly as possible first. What difference exists between a lobster and a hamster or rabbit? We might view this "torture" as acceptable because we identify less with these not-so-cuddly creatures. In reality, these are arbitrary differences.

  • Try it yourself and see how you feel

    Take a saucepan full of boiling water and upend it on your head, then try arguing that it is painless. I believe all living animals should be spared and that being a vegetarian should become law. It would also end many of the cattle factories' inhumane treatments too... No sentient being deserves being boiled alive...

  • It is wrong

    How would you like to be cooked alive in a pot of boiling water? Lobsters and crabs, like all living animals can feel pain, they in fact have a very sophisticated nervous systems. While their in the tank at the Chinese restaurant waiting for their turn to be put on a plate they suffer from server stress and anxiety, low oxygen levels and confinement.
    Lobsters may feel even more pain than we would in similar situations because of this advanced nervous system and Lobsters are in a great amount of pain until this nervous system is destroyed (during cooking) which could take anywhere from seconds up to minutes.

    "Anyone who has ever boiled a lobster alive knows that when dropped into scalding water, lobsters whip their bodies wildly and scrape the sides of the pot in a desperate attempt to escape. In the journal Science, researcher Gordon Gunter described this method of killing lobsters as 'unnecessary torture.' " (

    The cooking of live animals is unnecessary torture, cruel and inhumane.

  • Why single lobsters out to be cooked alive?

    It's wrong to boiling them alive. If it's wrong with any other living thing why is it OK for them? It does not really change anything if they where humanly killed prior to being cooked. All inhuman ways of treating animals should be banned, with no exceptions. Personally I believe most animal products should be banned.

  • It's cruel, inhumane and just wrong!!!!!!!

    I'm no vegetarian but boiling a living creature is wrong it breaks my heart that so many creatures are in suffering including humans... We really don't need most of the things we destroy.... Somethings must come to an end... We need to start with our inhumane cruel doings to this earth and life on it

  • Absolutely it is inhumane!!

    Some of the views expressed in support of cooking lobster alive in boiling water are unbecoming of an educated mind. Gordon Ramsey arguably one of the most compotent chefs in the world, kills lobster quickly with a knife then immediately places into boiling water. Why would anyone take the risk of causing unnecessary suffering when another option is available that also prevents bacterial growth as the lobster is cooked straight after the quick death. No one knows 100% that the lobster does not feel pain so why take this risk unless u r some sort of sicko that gets a thrill out of inflicking pain and being a part of the chain of evil!?!? Are you suggesting that Gordon Ramsey does not know what he is doing & that he hasn't researched this subject. I urge anyone who cooks lobster in boiling water alive to check out one of his videos on You Tube of how to cook lobster and to reconsider their perspective....Thanks for reading.

  • Kindness to all creatures

    If people feel they must eat these creatures it stands to reason that they should not suffer. Studies have shown lobsters and crabs do feel pain but this aside, the manner in which these animals are stored, stacked in together without any space is cruel and cooking them alive is horrendous.

  • Very disgusting indeed

    Imagine if you were in boiling water alive, would you feel pain too? Of course you would, and all animals suffer and feel pain. I think this sort of cooking method is just plain sad and even though I haven't boiled a crab myself, I wouldn't bear think that I would murder an innocent animal who hasn't done anything wrong at all.

  • This is not wrong people.

    People just need to get it in to their little brains that animals eat other animals. Just look at any wild animal documentary and you will see that lions hunt other animals that they deem weaker. And humans will never lose that instinct to not eat other animals. If nothing ever hinted or killed another animal then there would be way to many animals walking around. I don't care if you think it is wrong it is the human way to do things like this.

  • Only a stupid butthurt PETA supporter.

    Saying a human should not eat animals is saying a shark should be arrested for eating fish. Some animals are herbivores, and some are carnivores, others are omnivores. Humans are omnivores, just like bears and monkeys and etc etc.
    Any person who thinks it's "cruel" to eat animals, well, we've been eating them for thousands of years since the age of man. And suddenly it becomes all "inhumane". Yes, I am aware of the meat industry and slaughterhouses, but not every single edible animal is killed that way. Ever hurt of hunting? Even though sometimes the animal doesn't die instantly it's still not as inhumane as slaughterhouses.
    Omnivores will be omnivores. It's your choice to be vegan or vegetarian, but keep it to yourself, like religion. But don't go around shouting in other omnivores's faces BAN ANIMAL EATING!!!. It hasn't happened, and will never happen. So go make me a steak.

  • Don't ban Live Cooking

    At the end of the day, lobsters and crabs are going to be dead and eaten. As such, it really does not matter whether they are killed before or after they are put in the pot. The animals are not alive to suffer for a long time in any event.

  • This is my right

    Vegans like to force their views and beliefs on other people and any vegans that think that it should be the law to become vegan would be a breach of the human rights act as it is my right to eat what I like and the vegan law that they want to force on other people who are not vegan would be thrown out as it would be an illegal law. It would not EVEN pass legislation as it would be classed as an illegal law in the eyes of the human rights court. Any vegans who don't understand look it up or ask some one who studied law and you will find out for yourself.

  • Preparation of crustaceans

    The "screaming" sound coming from the animal when being cooked is just air escaping the cavity of the animal. All crustaceans do not feel pain they have a warning system that warns them that something in their environment is not right. It is the humane way to prepare the animal

  • It's Just Dinner

    When they are cooked they die in about 30 seconds. Giving that crabs have hard shells I would be curious about what method to use to kill them before cooking. The shell doesn't stop the heat. What could we do instead? Slit their throats or shoot them with a captive-bolt gun? No, the answer to killing a crab right before you throw it in the tank would be waiting for it to die of whatever which sounds like a bad way for your food to go.

  • Get Gov Out of This

    Within society today, we always go back to the old standby of "We are at the highest point of the food chain". With this idea, it allows us to do whatever we please to consume these animals. Whether they are dead or alive, it allows for the theory of evolution to occur within species, and allow for higher grades of animals to not be caught. Also, the lobster dies from the heat of the water in which they are cooked, making sure that the animal does not feel pain while being consumed.

  • They taste best fresh.

    I like eating them and they are best fresh. Would you rather stab it in the heart with a knife or have it die away from you in a pot, slowly but painless? How about that? Even if you stabbed it, how would you no if it was really dead? You might be cooking it alive anyways.

  • This is a stupid question.

    Guys. They serve no other purpose than to give us sustenance. And contrary to what you might think, dropping the crustacean in boiling water kills it in about 1.5-2 seconds. So it's not that awful to kill it by boiling water. Eating meat is not wrong, it's just part of nature.

  • The Lobster and crab is an animal which is in the food chain

    Within society today, we always go back to the old standby of "We are at the highest point of the food chain". With this idea, it allows us to do whatever we please to consume these animals. Whether they are dead or alive, it allows for the theory of evolution to occur within species, and allow for higher grades of animals to not be caught. Also, the lobster dies from the heat of the water in which they are cooked, making sure that the animal does not feel pain while being consumed.

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