• Creation museum is a dangerous path to the acceptance of ignorance.

    The museum should be shut down because it is an attempt to deceive, warp and brainwash young minds by presenting fantasy and fiction as facts. The museum's attempt to pass itself off as historical fact is the problem. It is literally attempting to re-write the earth's history, our history. Unacceptable. If it billed itself as an entertainment or fantasy experience like Universal Studios or Disney World then that would be fine.

  • Have you seen the movie Idiocracy?

    We're headed there, thanks to places like this. People need to start understanding how imperative science is to the progression of our society, making up lies to fit a book that was written hundreds of years ago is watching ourselves step backwards in progress. This place should not be open because it is not valid science and should not be sold as such.

  • Where else can you go for a good laugh these days?

    And also, where else can you learn really cool stuff like: evolution is man's word, and creation is God's word; biblical history is the key to understanding dinosaurs; Noah's flood 4,350 years ago made all the fossil layers; there were no weeds before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Don't shut this place down and force us all to live in ignorance!

  • No it shouldn't!

    I don't care what all you secularists think. Sure you may not think Creationism is the correct understanding of how the world was created but you do know that evolution is only a THEORY right? Sure there's evidence for it but we will never truly know if we evolved from primitive apes no matter how much evidence we have. Why can't you just let Christians run their own business without threatening to shut it down? Remember Chick Fil-A? That plaae is still up an running so please don't try and shut this one down. Also, don't give me that bullshit answer, "oh but it will hurt the children" Give me a break. You don't care about the children, you only care about yourselves You don't want them exposed to Christianity let alone any religion so they can be raised as YOU see fit. If you don't like the Creation Museum, I've got a little tip for you, it goes a little something like this... Don't.....Go......There! Did you get that? Hope so. In short, let Christians have their business and if you don't like the Creation Museum, DON'T GO and mind your own business and live on with your life rather than waste it complaining about something you only CLAIM to be false!!!

  • Shows how dumb they are

    The museums provide a valuable service for all anti creationists. They make creationists look stupid. This is not intentional, but it's still valuable, so there is no reason to shut them down. As long as there is a creation museum, there will be people who are not and cannot be creationists.

  • Freedom of speech and religion are still parts of the Constitution.

    The so-called Creation Museums should not be 'shut down' - but they should not be getting the benefit of government assistance of any kind. Government or taxpayer support for religion is clearly prohibited by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. By supporting the expression of one religion's views on a subject, government is implicitly recognizing that religion as more accurate, believable or legitimate than other religions.

  • Creation science important contribution to public discourse

    Have just come back from a visit to the Creation Museum and the new Ark Encounter exhibit, I am in a good position to comment on these places. While the controversy has largely focused on the religious aspect of the museum, I haven't heard many secularists debate the epistemological argument the museum presents. The museum makes a point of arguing that science cannot in itself tell us what facts mean. We all share the same facts but come to different conclusions. The difference is our starting points. Take, for instance, the Lucy exhibit at the museum. Using the same bones, the museum was able to construct a creature that is much more ape-like in appearance than the Lucy models constructed by evolutionists. The "gaps," so to speak, between the bones, must be filled based on our preconceived starting points.

    I believe the museum should remain open because it provides an important challenge to the prevailing rationalistic epistemology of our day.

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