Should the Creationism Museum be closed down for showing false facts?

  • Museums need facts.

    I think the creation museum should cease operation as a museum and re open as an art exhibit. The fact is that creationism has been disproven by mainstream science, and that it is wrong to present something as truth to people who may not understand that the majority of the worlds leading minds have agreed that its all wrong. A museum is supposed to educate people and there is no value in an establishment that educates people wrongly.

  • It Should Not Be Closed Down

    1. The Creation Museum is privately owned and operated by the Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis. Neither the government nor any individual entity may forcibly close a private business.

    2. These "false facts" to which you are referring are simply differences in opinion and interpretation of evidence. You cannot refute the displays and teachings of the Creation Museum any more than I can convince you that the Creation Museum should not be closed down.

  • Name one fact that they have falsely displayed.

    I've never been to the creationist museum but I hear that it's really cool and looks awesome. You can believe we came from naked monkeys or pink unicorns for all I care, but all beliefs, no matter how insane they may seem, deserve to be heard and respected. Thank you and God bless.

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