Should the creators of social media be held responsible for user actions?

  • Totally yes they should.

    In today's society, everyone but the criminal is responsible for the criminals actions. That means that even people who had nothing to do with it, should be thrown in jail while the actually perpetrators remain free. For example, if I invented a rocket ship, and somebody stole my rocket ship and flew it into a building, as the inventor, I should be held responsible.

  • Creators of social media should be held responsible for controlling "trolls" because trolls are harmful to the users that they bully.

    Social media creators should start being responsible for their platforms and moderate/filter abusive users. This refers to what are known as "trolls", who intentionally post hateful and derogatory comments to antagonize individuals. It is very important that the creators of websites/social media think of ways to combat this form of online bullying because it is not only affecting young kinds but also adults.

  • They Aren't Responsible

    It is not right to hold the creators of these social media sites responsible for everyone's actions. There are literally millions of users on most of these sites and that would not be fair at all. Everyone is responsible for themselves and nobody else, whether it be on or offline.

  • That's like saying knife makers should be held responsible for murder.

    That is just the silliest question ever. We have FREE WILL for a reason! We make our own decisions no matter what the vehicle is. And this applies to using social media, driving a car, using a knife, consuming alcohol, what have you. It's just ridiculous to blame this upon anyone other than the actual person.

  • The users themselves, not the creators should be held responsible for their own actions.

    People often blame social media or the creators of social media when someone gets caber bullied or stalked, because they believe the site could have been doing more to prevent it. These sites were obviously not created for this purpose, and it is entirely up to the user to make such actions. Just as with anything else such as guns or cars, they can be used legally or illegally, and the actions of the individual, not the product nor the creator of the product, should be held liable.

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