Should the current U.S. public school system be changed?

Asked by: Galahad
  • The school system needs to be updated.

    First of all, the school system was created for a different age and time - this age was known as the Industrial age. This age was part of a time when these big, huge companies were making tons of money and everyone wanted to work there. So, people decided to create the school system; which was a good thing because if kids got a degree it was a guarentee that they'd get a good job. But, this age has long passed away since now most products are made overseas. About 55% of the information taught in school you won't use in real life, so yeah, the school system needs a reform.

  • It is Outdated and Misguided!

    The current school system is based on the one developed in Germany in the late 1800's. The original goal of the public school system was to prepare the majority of students to enter the then massive manufacturing industry, one where no imagination or opinion mattered. Now that the U.S. Has developed past manufacturing as our main source of jobs, the school systems need to be replaced to prepare current students for the CURRENT world - one where the development of products and ideas takes place in the United States. The school systems are rooting imagination out of students at a time when they should be reinforcing it. It needs to change.

  • Schools don't need to change---Students do

    Schools don't need to change students need to come to school without an attitude that something is owed them. They need to come to school and realize that it is a free (public) opportunity to advance their education. Everyone does not deserve and A everyone in real life does not win a trophy. Work hard and do what is asked of you and you will be successful

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