• Yes, the death penalty should be used as a penalty when justified regardless of the crime.

    The death penalty should not only be exclusive to people who have murdered others. If the crime that that a person commits warrants death, than the death penalty should at least be considered. People who commit crimes with the intent to kill should be subjected to trials in which death may be an appropriate sentence due to the severity of the crime.

  • It depends on the crime

    If someone kidnaps and tortures someone for years in their basement or serial rapes children then yes they can be held accountable. There are heinous things that has been done to people bringing them within an inch of their lives but through the will of God they are still here, then definitely those responsible should be held accountable, even if it is the ultimate punishment.

  • He Did Not Mean for anyone to die

    The article this question is about pertains to a man who planned to rob a store. His accomplice shot the man in the store. The law says in this case if you could have reasonably known a murder would occur while planning to commit another crime then you are guilty of the murder.

    But he had asked the other man to not bring a gun to the crime. He also had an IQ of 80, so expecting him to have anticipated that his associate was going to kill someone is ridiculous. The psychiatrist who testified that he believed he would reoffend was expelled from the APA for predicting a defendant's threat to society based solely on hypotheticals.

    The 'facts' used to convict him, the 'facts' that the jury heard are questionable. He should get another sentencing hearing.

  • If we wish to be considered civilized ditch the death penalty.

    The death penalty is nothing to do with punishment, it is retribution, vengeance, the Wrath of Khan. If we want to be humane we must spend our efforts removing these people from society in a dispassionate manner, It is not for them we do this but for ourselves, we have evolved beyond the apes lets stop acting like one.

  • The death penalty should not be given to people who do not kill people.

    The death penalty should not be given to people who do not kill people, and it should not be given to anyone. There are too many flaws with the human justice system and we too often have falsely convicted people, and killing them would be a crime as they are innocent. But if the death penalty has to exist, it should not be applied for crimes other than murder because any of those crimes did not result in an innocent person losing their life.

  • No, there should not.

    The death penalty itself is a horrible and outragous pentalty that is both cruel and and unusual. It does not give back to take a life, and we do not really have the authority to take a life. That said, sentancing someone to death for being an accomplice in a murder by driving the murderer to the scene of the crime should not happen.

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