• Defiantly no question about it!

    Put it this way, if you were a child and you were raped by an older person, how would feel towards the person who took your human rights and physically took advantage of you. You would obviously want them dead because they ruined your life and now you are morally ruined. So if you are on the 'no' side, put yourselves in the shoes of victims who have went through what I have just explained.

  • Ban the death penalty!

    The death penalty should be banned because sometimes the innocent person is killed. The death penalty shouldn't be allowed because in the 8th amendment it says "No Cruel and Unusual Punishments". In 2011 Troy Davis was killed for a crime that he committed 22 years ago and they killed him with the Death Penalty. What if it were you that committed a crime? What if they put you up for death penalty? Would you like it? It's time for a change in our government

  • The cost

    The U.S. government spends millions of taxpayers dollars to keep these lowlife convicts in prison! Any suspect found of murder/rape should ultimately be put down! It's not the taxpayers fault that they messed up and they should be put to rest and be treated like all of the other scum in the world that was killed for wrong doings.

  • Of course it should be

    What about those serial killers. What about the serial rapist? Do you really want those people on this earth. If they cant control themselves during the time they were free, they should not be allowed to remain part of society and get what they deserve for all the pain they have caused other.

  • The death penalty should be allowed, because it's an effective way to ban criminals.

    Criminals would think twice before committing their crimes if death penalty exists. If they know they may face death for what they do, they may change their minds and give up on committing any crime.

  • The death penalty should be allowed, and I think, should be used more often.

    The Bible says that the government doesn't bear the sword in vain and it is its right and duty to punish felons.
    I think the U.S. government today is not feared enough by criminals because the penalty for certain serious crimes is not severe enough.

  • The death penalty should be applied, because it is a just punishment for horrific crimes.

    The Christian Bible has the solution, "an eye for an eye". Let the punishment fit the crime. If you take a life, you forfeit your life. Some criminals are so far beyond any hope of redemption that the only way to control them is to terminate their life. If a terrorist is sentenced to life in prison, he will only recruit more terrorists from the prison population. Executing the terrorist would be a nice way of saying, "mass murder is not acceptable in our society".

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Yes niggers are horrible

    Niggers are really bad people and should be hung for being black I honestly think niggers are the problem in the world even my friends think niggers are bad people they can burn in hell no one likes them they rob steals and kill thats my thought on the death penalty.

  • The Death Penalty is a Saving Grace

    The Death Penalty is what happens to people who have killed others. I have only seen the death penalty for murderers, rapists, drug lords, armed robbers, etc. What is the point of imprisoning someone just for them to do it again when they get free? It is the eye for eye concept. No matter what religion, the death penalty should not ever be abolished. I don't know about others, but I would rather die than have a life sentence.

  • It Should Be Alowed

    Think of all those people that kill and attack helpless and innocent families, they do such horrible things but will get out of it alive. That's why the Death Penalty was invented to teach those who did horrible things to learn a lesson and take away their lives. Im 12, (BOOM) and thats how I think .

  • No one deserves to die!

    The death penalty should not be allowed because God created this world for us to live and he will pick when we die. I do believe that if you do a really bad sin then you should go to jail but not die. Even if you go to jail you get fed and you have a bathroom. Yes, I know that there are people that disagree with me, but this is what I believe. What about you?

  • No

    Death is too good for them. They should be tortured for the rest of their lives. Death is way too quick and simple. Innocent people unfortunately always get the punishment for some reason while the criminals just get away with it. It's not fair. Torture is the best and most suitable punishment. Also it is not worth taking the risk of accidentally executing the wrong person.

  • The death penalty is too idealistic

    Here are the facts. Killing someone is more expensive than keeping them in jail. The (legal) form of execution is lethal injection. This process is not especially painful to the "killer," therefore, there is little retribution in that. To feel truly sorry is a far more painful thing, the killers should spend the rest of their droll, mentally burdensome lives thinking about what they did, they still have a chance to save their soles and die with a clear conscience. If nothing else, a good number of years in one place without the chance to get out is good enough punishment.

    In response to the bible "quote," no human has the right to decide who lives and who dies. Period.

  • Why I disagree with the Death Penalty

    First and foremost, THOU SHALL NOT KILL. I am not minimizing the reality of crime that occurs within our society, but when someone commits such a grievous crime such as murder, I do not believe that they should have their own life taken from them. I agree with life in prison without Parole is reasonable, but lethal injection is not right. The only one who has the right to take life is God himself.

  • It should never be legalized.

    We as humans need to protect and help one another, however with everything in our society, I understand that to some people the death penalty should be legalized. But who are we to play God, to kill those we deem deserve death? We are hypocrites if we kill a murder, what would be next? Raping a rapist? It must be taken in perspective, yes, it's only used in extreme cases, but even in Sweden there is a prison where the maximum sentence is 12 years, they use their resources to educate and help the prisoners. The prisoners come out of there well educated and do not go back to hurting others. This should be considered, after all, we are humans, and it is not morally correct to kill other humans.

  • No, it is morally wrong.

    It's a very controversial topic, and in a way, it will make people think twice before committing a crime. But everyone has the right to life and no one should ever be subjected to this kind of extreme punishment, no matter how guilty they are, they still have the right to life just like everyone else. Also, the death penalty is basically like getting revenge, rather than making someone feel guilty of their's just morally wrong. Besides, who is the government to decide whether or not someone to die? They're not God.

  • Death penalty will only lead to more violence

    During the summer of 2011, large riots kicked off in the UK. These riots were caused by policemen shooting a man who was loose with a gun. With the death penalty, not only can you wrongly convict a criminal, but a wrong conviction of a gang member has the potential to spark off huge riots, only increasing crime rate.

  • The Death Penalty Should NOT BE ALLOWED

    It is terrible, murder and it is not good. It is revenge. Revenge is terrible, Romans 12:17 in the bible, says: "Never pay bach evil for evil, if someone is truly evil, they will feel the Wrath Of God!" Thank You, Johnny A. Rosso this is my argument thank you lots

  • An eye for an eye makes us all blind

    Should the death penalty be banned?
    Yes, I believe it should. I understand that what they have done is wrong (murder presumably) but killing the criminal is not the answer- it won’t bring the deceased back.
    In life, bad things happen, innocent people die and I am not saying this is acceptable but why do people think that more people dying is a solution. It isn’t.
    In addition, I believe a life sentence in prison without any privilege’s is a lot worse than death because it is quick and after that you feel nothing; no guilt or pain.
    Have you ever heard the phrase an eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth? It means that if somebody does something bad, we should do the same back to him. If someone takes an eye from you, you take an eye from him.
    But if we do that and all start taking each other’s eyes as retaliation, by the end of it none of us will have eyes, and we'll be blind and what does that really achieve?
    As Gandhi said ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’
    So overall, yes, I do believe the death penalty should be banned. Turn the other cheek as Jesus once said. By killing them you are sinking down to their level and becoming as bad as them.

  • It doesn't work.

    The death penalty is expensive, does not deter crimes, and morally wrong. Many people say that an execution is simply a rope or a bullet; $5 is all it takes. However, in reality it costs millions upon millions of dollars due to court hearings and whatnot. Life imprisonment costs considerably less. It has been proven that the death penalty does not deter crimes. Go compare the murder rates of the US to Canada and Europe. Lastly, everyone should be entitled a right to life. Just because one person violated someone else's right doesn't mean it's correct for the nation to sink down to the murderer's level.

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Silansia says2013-03-08T10:08:37.797
All very persuasive arguments......