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  • Yes, the death penalty should be banned.

    The death penalty should be banned for a number of reasons. Alternate appropriate punishments exist, including life in prison without the possibility of parole. The death penalty remains an arbitrary punishment, and continues to disproportionately impact poor people and racial minorities. A full 139 countries around the world no longer utilize the death penalty, according to the United Nations.

  • Yes, the death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment.

    As more and more developed nations ban the death penalty, it is becoming clear that it is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, which is against the law. There is also no definitive way to know for sure that a person is guilty, making the process highly flawed and costing taxpayers too much money.

  • Yes, there are other forms of punishment that are more effective.

    Any sort of killing, whether it is government sanctioned or not, creates an environment where violence is an accepted norm, rather than an anomaly. Killing people for their crimes does not provide further justice nor greater comfort to the victims' families, but it does contribute to the violent cycle. With other, non-violent forms of punishment available, the death penalty is an inhumane penalty not befitting a developed nation.

  • In virtually all cases

    While I am in favor of using the death penalty for the worst of the worst (mass shooters, etc) I am against an overwhelming majority of the instances it has been used in. It's a barbaric practice that we should be past, yet here we are in a world that there are states freaking out about having difficulty getting their hands on the chemicals for lethal injections. This is not a culture we should be encouraging.

  • The death penalty is needed.

    I really do believe that there are some people in this world that truly need killing. And I do think that the state is sometimes justified in fulfilling that need. Sometimes the crimes are so great, the loss so profound, that the only way to make society whole again is by permanently removing those who dare to unravel it so brutally.

  • The death penalty should be banned.

    The death penalty is barbaric and it should be banned. It is not right to kill people, even if they have committed a serious crime. Also, a lot of people convicted for life have later been exonerated when new evidence comes to light. If they had been executed, it would have been in error.

  • The Death Penalty Should Be Banned

    Yes, the death penalty should be banned. All human life is sacred and every human has the inalienable right to life. As this right to life is inalienable, it cannot be taken away or given up, no matter how heinous of an act a person may commit. Therefore, the death penalty should be banned.

  • yes,the death penalty should be banned.

    There are several good reasons why the death penalty should be banned.First of all the state should not be able to take a life.Secondly its much cheaper to keep a prisoner in prison for life than to allow appeal after appeal in a death penalty case that make take a very long time.

  • Yes, according to some statisticians

    Yes in fact, we all want to live in peace and harmony, and the reason for this is the fact that from year to year based on changes in law trends have become clear to the people. For example, the content of one article is about trends of abolishment of the death penalty which touches several significant issues for instance the author explains that there are 58 countries count like as retentionist countries because these states have been executing all regulations of the Law for a long time. Also the author refers to another points more specifically he gives the comparison between countries (the US, Europe, and etc.) in the format of a diagram where we can see statistics of the countries which agreed to do changes in the Legislation for all crimes between 1991-2010. Some countries violate the requirements of the international law and standards , continued to impose on it. But at the end of Mongolia President’s speech regarding moratorium some countries agreed to abolish the Law. Instead of the death penalty the state Supreme Court may issue a decree life sentence! It costs more to kill someone than to keep them in a max security prison. Everybody has a right to live, nobody can take your life. We are people. We are not animals or something else. It is a not method to punish or decide problem!

  • The death penalty is a deterrent against heinous crimes.

    While the death penalty should only be used in extreme circumstances, it should be allowed as a deterrent against violent and heinous crimes such as murder and rape. The lack of potential punishment for a crime only encourages people to act upon some of their most violent natures, because they know the punishment will be less severe if they get caught.

  • Keep it going!

    I have always been a pretty big supporter of the death penalty. Even though I think a lot of people have some mix reactions and feelings about it. The way I see it, there are a lot of sick people out there, who commit sick crimes and I feel they deserve to be put to death.

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