• People have been MURDERED.

    Death penalty should be legal, for murdering and raping at least. What happens is that some people, whilst robbing or committing crimes, murder people. Sometimes people murder on on purpose! Why? Hatred? Personal revenge? Even then murdering is still wrong. Just imagine, someone murders, goes to jail, comes out, murder again. These people should be hanged to death! I mean, why should someone be allowed to play sports, read books, even LIVE, when they have taken a life away from someone else? As for the raping, it's worse than murdering. Invading someone's privacy. Actually it's demolishing a human right! Would you be able to live with that on your conscience? I wouldn't.

  • Kathlynn Shepard's murder

    Yes, the man killed himself, but before then he was in prison for kidnapping and rape before. While also being linked to two other girls. He was let out early, and because of this, two more girls were abducted, and one was murdered before her time. The fear of most children has risen, as well as fear for parents whom have young girls. This is not fair that this man was let out early and a young girl was taken from this world. He should have been put to death for the first two, instead of having the luxury of being able to end his own life, on his terms. This does not give the families the justice they deserve, instead gives them a larger heart ache. Being the oldest sister of six, and one of the twins being molested at 8 months makes my heart break, especially since this man was never caught.

  • yes, it should be legal

    The death penalty serves justice. If you think that you have the right to end someone's life, you deserve the death penalty. If you don't have respect for someone else's life then you don't deserve the right to die. Our jails are for people who commit small crimes. Our tax money should go toward keeping death sentenced people alive.

  • Justice must be served.

    In this time of vagrant disrespect for the law we need the death penalty. Way too many times justice is not served and people get away with murder. The legal system is too lenient and does not let the criminal pay the price of the crime which was committed. Too many times instead of the death penalty the criminals lawyer fights for a more lenient sentence such as life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

  • Death penalty should be legal everywhere!!

    Yes I believe the death penalty should be legal because if you kill someone you shouldn't be able to just go to jail. You should have the same punishment as the crime you committed. There has been some cases where the criminal gets off on parole. Also they could be stuck on death row for max 20 year!

  • Death Penalty Should be legal.

    Death penalty has been used throughout history as a way to punish individuals that have committed certain crimes. In the recent years, through research, accuracy in one receiving the death penalty has increased. Many things have been discovered by Psychologists,involving things such as why innocent people confess.Laws have been made to prevent the innocent from being executed. There was a time when innocent people confessed to murder because of brainwashing incidents. With the increase of knowledge , and more laws added concerning the death penalty, those individuals sentenced to death have actually committed the crime they have been punished for. Each individual in the United States has been educated abut the death penalty and crimes that have capital punishment.With the increase in knowledge, he decrease in sentencing innocent people to death, the death penalty is fair.

  • Yes, it should be legal

    I think if you kill someone, especially if it it premeditated, you should be killed too. Yes, it is somewhat harsh, but killers should not be living and have a possibility to escape prison, and get to eat, sleep, and other activities in prison. People in poverty have it worse than them, and they didn't comit a cold blooded crime. Also, tax payers should not have to pay for them to live and be supported in jail. An argument comes up that they don't learn their lesson just dying,but the suspense and ultimate fear they get when sitting on that table with the needle in their arm, the fear is unbearable.

  • Yes, it should be legal

    I say that the death penalty should be legal because of how our justice system works nowadays. It happens way too often, where a murderer will NOT serve their entire sentence due to good behavior. A few cases have been where a person had a life sentence got out on parole. This SHOULD NOT be okay, and It's not acceptable. The death penalty should be for those criminals who commit terrible crimes, like murder in cold blood and murderers who killed a lot of people.

  • Yes

    I strongly agree with enforcing the death penalty in all states. I believe if you kill someone or cause bodily harm that results in death or a severe loss of quality of life, you should also be sentenced to death. The only problem is that many people who are on death row in states where it is legal sit on death row for 20 years. So that being said the system should be fixed as well. Life is prison sometimes is too good for the disgusting people who kill others. I say make the death penalty enforced everywhere.

  • Eye for an eye!

    People have been murdered and raped! It is not right to the victims or the rest of the world to let these horrible people still walk Earth! They should be held accountable for what they did! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, these people need to be punished!

  • Ban the death penalty.

    The death penalty should be banned! All life is important. It's just not right. God made that person for some reason, we just have to figure that out. Also, it costs more to kill a criminal with the death penalty than to keep them in jail. Think about your dad, mom, siblings, or anyone close to you being killed, not just by a criminal but by the government.

  • Death penalty opinion.

    I think that the death penalty should not be legal because that's obviously why we have jails and prisons. We don't need a whole lot of punishments, I mean, that is just retarded if we already have punishments and want more. It's like asking for more food when you already have.

  • Death Penalty is against the Constitution!

    The constitution of the United States has always paraded the words, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." I believe this should extend to even the worst of the worst. Under no circumstances should ANY higher authority take away the life of another human being unless it is consensual. Even the government. Murdering a murder is not justice. It is hateful revenge.

  • Death is an Escape

    If someone commits a crime, why should they be allowed to have the easy way out? Yes, maybe what a person did was terrible but they deserve to rot in jail and think about it for the rest of their lives. That is so much more torture than just giving them a place to lie for the rest of time.

  • If you kill the murderer then you're like him .

    The murderer should be punished because of what he/she has done . Of this punishment will be death penalty , then somebody who kills him/her is the same!! And also , there shouldn't exist any kind of work, where you are paid when you kill people . It's just something UNHUMAN !!!

  • If somebody kills someone, shouldn't their punishment be longer?

    If somebody murders somebody, shouldn't their punishment be longer? If they get killed as well it will be over in seconds. They should live to regret their actions for the rest of their life in prison. I know I would rather be killed than spend the rest of my life in prison. I do, however, disagree with the length of the sentences for murder. They should be in for the rest of their life if they take someone else's life.

  • I thought murder was illegal.

    I'm sure many people have thought of this and said it many times before, but what if the person is innocent? What if they have been wrongly convicted and it is later proved that they were indeed innocent of the crime they were executed for? Surely this is immoral? Is it better to kill an innocent human being - i.e. commit a totally unjustified murder - or let the guilty serve a life sentence in jail?

  • The death penalty should not be legal!

    Say my family was killed by a criminal I would want them to be hanged and tortured and i'm sure all of you would want that too if they did that to your family but the point is it isn't right to take away someones life even though they took someone else's . Two wrongs don't make a right. I would hate it if someone killed my family but it is wrong i would want them dead.

  • Does two wrongs make a right?

    The answer to that is no. Not ever. God is the only person who has the right to determine when a person dies. Who ever decided that the Government has the right to kill us if we do something bad? Plus, imagine how the families feel. The family that lost a member because of execution and the family who lost a member because of the executed person. I'm sure they wanted revenge but not that type of revenge. It's not right and like I said....Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.

  • Its our right

    This goes against constitutional rights, if we let the government take this away who knows what other rights they'll take away, life in prison is a worst sentence then being put to death its more torturous knowing you'll never leave those four walls you look at ever again, and besides did you ever think how it effects the people having to inject someone and kill them, or how about the wrong accused who die for know reason at all.

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