Should the death penalty be used on violent criminals?

  • We don't need criminals

    Our world is overpopulated. People are starving and living in poverty all around the world. Criminals are sitting in jail cells, living comfortably with their free healthcare, cooked meals etc... They have killed people, raped children, committed acts of terrorism and who knows what else. Quite simply, they are a waste of space. They don't deserve to live, and they are too dangerous to be kept alive. All criminals need to be killed, there is no need to keep these disgusting, vile, sub-human scumbags alive. Make them all die, and clear the world of criminal trash. Then, maybe we can start using our money to develop our civilised society, instead of wasting it on disgusting, putrid scumbags. All criminals need to be cleaned off planet Earth. Throw them all in gas chambers and incinerate them. End of discussion.

  • It needs to be done.

    It's better to kill one person than kill millions of others; if the criminal's a murder. Isn't it better to prevent danger and get rid of it completely? So many things are happening because of these criminals. They don't deserve to live even. They chose this kind of life themselves. They wont stop no matter what and don't have the right to harm others. They don't deserve the chance to live anymore because they're ruining and demolishing other people's lives. I say this should be done more often; of course after knowing their not innocent and it wasn't unintentional.

  • Definitely a yes.

    If violent criminals can take the lives of many, why should they be allowed to have theirs? Take the Boston bomber that's still alive for example. He killed 3 and injured many more, yet he still gets to live? We waste money paying for these worthless people to live in prison when they don't even deserve it.

  • Violent criminals need to die

    People who kill, rape, or torture cannot be cured. They are given short sentences for violent crimes, and after a short sentence, they are released, free to pursue their violent obsessions on the sane of the human race. Their is no cure. People who commit a violent crime will do it over and over again, no matter how you medicate or treat them. If you give a pedophile nullification medication, they will find other ways to do it. If you cut off the hands of a thief, they will steal again. There is no permanent cure for them. We, the sane, are their victims, we, the sane, are their targets, we, the sane, are the only ones who can stop them. For this reason we must use the death penalty on all violent criminals, pedophiles, rapists, and sadists.

  • Definitely a Yes

    Wouldn't you guys love to have a serial killer or even a serious criminal out of the streets of your own town or city. If you don't give the criminal the death penalty, he or she will never learn from him or her mistakes. They will just repeat the process over and over. The next victim could even be you or someone close to you.

  • Criminals should die quick horrible deaths. End of story.

    Criminals should die quick horrible deaths. Waste of resources. We would have less and less crime and save a ton of money. Die. Die. Die. How many more times does it need to be said. Just die already. Die. Die. Die. Burn in hell. Let God sort them out. End of story.

  • We need our society safe

    If someone kills your mom, dad, brother, sister or whatever wouldn't you want revenge on them. We need to keep our people safe and stop wasting precious time and money on trying to help these people when it can be used on something important, it worthless spending our time on them. Yea they get sent to prison but they will get released and go right back to there sick ways again

  • They need to die

    If someone commits premeditated murder or and equivalent heinous crime i see no reason for them to be allowed to live if they've ruined/taken the life of another person there's a simple saying to describe this though i do not think it does it justice "Eye for an eye". Also most of these criminals are so far past the point of rehabilitation that we should not waste precious human resources on them.

  • My reason why

    The death penalty should be for violent criminals, because we cannot let the future generation look at these actions and believe that this is the right thing to do. After their actions, most criminals are past the point of change making it impossible to ever become a regular citizen again.

  • They need to die

    Why would someone have the heart to to go and kill someone that is innocent.There are some people that kill a person after a while they go and kill 5 more people .If they already know that's all you can do they going to do it over and over again.

  • Killing is wrong

    No matter if the person is guilty or not, we should not be able to play god and decide whether or not someone should die. Killing people legally is inhumane and it is very disturbing to know that so many people will be willing to kill someone because of a crime they committed. You yourself are committing a crime to say that this person does not have the right to live. It makes me sick to think that people would want to kill people for killing people, which just makes you a hypocrite. How does killing people who have killed other people solve the problem of people killing each other, it just makes the problem worse, and in no way better.

  • Killing isn't right!

    Killing isn't right in the eyes of the Lord then why should it be any different for violent criminals. We should set an example. Plus killing someone doesn't solve the problem it is a form of revenge. KILLING IS WRONG! This punishment is inhumane and it doesn't have a rightful need to do it. This only causes more emotional problems to another family what do we get by it? NOTHING!

  • The death penalty shouldn't even exist.

    No matter what those criminals do, its not our choice to execute them for the wrongs they have done. It should be banned/illegal! It would have to mean carrying the fact that you murdered someone criminal or not you shouldn't kill someone just for your benefit or even the world. Each person has a life they cherish and you cant just take that away. Death penalties shouldn't be illegal it should have never existed in the first place.

  • What makes you different?

    We shouldn't use death penalty against violent criminals. Using death penalty will just make you same kind of person who commits felony. He/She kills people and you kill him/her. In the end, you are also a murderer even for the sake of justice. Killing criminals can't bring the dead to life or take us back to past.

  • Death penalty shouldn't be used on violet criminals

    Because what if the person is innocent or what if the person is a triplet. What if the person is innocent and you kill an innocent person for no reason and you are taking somebody right to live. And if the person is a triplet you could kill two wrong people and that mean that you are a criminal yourself. That is why death penalty shouldn't be used on violet criminals.

  • Simply Ineffective Method

    Beyond the moral dilemma, we have to look at the simple fact that it just doesn't work. It isn't a deterrent: introducing the death penalty doesn't reduce crime in any significant way. It isn't cost effective: in a democratic society, the accused has the right to many, many appeals because we don't want to kill the wrong person, as this would be the biggest possible violation to rule of law. This means that death row inmates cost far more than people who are imprisoned for life. Now, we could throw the constitution away, but I'd rather we didn't. Furthermore, despite the many appeals available, 4% of death row inmates are still wrongly accused. A single one is a tragedy. Take into account that this amounts to a few cases EACH YEAR, and it becomes outrageous!
    So, it doesn't deter anyone, it isn't cost effective, and it doesn't respect basic rule of law. It protects the public from one individual, but so would a life sentence, so it has no added value whatsoever. But what about the subjective value of "he deserved it"?
    By working on the subjective value of "merit" - encouraging vengeance, basically, only with the State as a mediator - we don't make society any better. Crime reform focusing on 1-making the criminal into a better person, 2-keeping society safe and 3-deterring crime is WAY better for the general well-being of society than the simple logic of "crime = punishment". The argument of "deserving" the punishment thus becomes moot. One can simply look at northern Europe (or nearly any other western nation in the world) to see how balancing security and the reform of criminals is the best way to deal with delinquent individuals.

  • Murder is murder

    If a serial killer killed 600 people others believe that he should die 600 deaths. But if you are the executioner than you also deserve death. An eye for and eye, a death for a death. In the future if you kill a serial killer and you get killed then the person that killed you gets killed we won't have anybody left. So the answer is no the death penalty should not be used.

  • Do they deserve it?

    We are not trying to get revenge instead we are trying to give them what they deserve. If you got honor roll in your school you would get something you deserve but if your failing all your test and classes than you get what you deserve and what you deserve is to get your electronics taken away. But we are talking about actual violent crimes if they are so violent that it causes death then they deserve to get killed but if i was like a fist fight they just need some time in prison. If you lock a person in jail they could have a chance for parole and they might be able to leave prison isnt it scary to know that an inmate left prison so now he is a citizen not even an inmate but he is roming around and you heard of what he has done wouldnt you get scared im not saying you should end his life and bam but at least life in prison but if its that bad the they deserve the death penalty

  • Death does not help

    Death simply is too fast, and does not teach a lesson to criminals. The death penalty would take away just ONE criminal life for many other lives that were killed by it. There should be a non-violent punishment(like making dangerous criminals go to a soundproof dark room for one day, and then keeping them in prison). A life-sentence without parole is also a good way to teach criminals their lesson.

  • Death will not help

    If a dangerous criminal dies, it is pretty much one life for MANY other lives that were killed. Death will not decrease the number of crimes, but placing a non-painful punishment can make them learn a lesson ( for example, making them sit in a dark soundproof room for a whole day, and then put them in prison). Death simply goes too fast and no one gains anything.

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