Should the Democratic Party platform be opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

  • Yes the Democrat Party should oppose the Trans Pacific Partnerships.

    Not only should the Democrats oppose TPP, but the Republicans should as well. As we have seen with NAFTA, trade agreements with foreign countries are not always advantageous to the citizens of our own country. Large companies find ways to cut costs, and often this means outsourcing American jobs to overseas workers. It is my belief that the TPP would only worsen this problem.

  • Yes, they should be opposed.

    The trans-pacific agreement is worded in a way that makes it sound like it simply will help make trade easier, but it will also give large companies the incentive to move their manufacturing and other operations oversees. This will take jobs away from the American people, a value that the Democratic Party should not support.

  • No, the Democratic Party should support the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    No, the Democratic Party should support the Trans-Pacific Partnership because the Democratic Party is a party that is open to new ideas and working with other countries. The Partnership would help the US with trading and agreements regarding the countries involved. I think that the Democratic Party would benefit from supporting the Partnership because it shows that the Party is willing to work with other countries.

  • Both political parties should support TPP

    The upcoming presidential election has a lot to do with party lines taking firm stances one way or another against TPP. Democrats have many more issues they could be taking a stand against, not one that is intended to create jobs and economic growth. If Democrats and Republicans could unite long enough to actually create an agreement everyone could live with and be benefited by, well, that would be our government finally working as it should.

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