• Yes it should reject

    If the Democratic Party Is Serious About Climate Change, They Must Reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Congress is considering approving an international trade agreement called Trans Pacific Partnership that would lead to more issues in the U.S., more burning of rain forests for palm oil and fewer protections for American workers.

  • Yes, they should reject it.

    The Democratic Party should reject the Trans-Pacific partnership because it will encourge American businesses to send more jobs overseas, because of he reduced terriffs on goods. This is bad for the American people, and is exactly the kind of thing that a party that believes in supporting the average citizen should oppose.

  • No, they should not reject the Trans-Pacific partnership.

    No, I do not agree that the Democratic Part should reject the Trans-Pacific partnership. I disagree because the Democratic party should be taking into consideration all of their options. They need to weigh the benefits, the pros and cons, and then decide. If joining with the Trans-Pacific partnership is more beneficial they should do it.

  • No, the Democratic Party should not reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    The Democratic Party should not reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership at their national convention. Free trade has benefited both consumers and businesses alike in the United States. The Democratic Party has become a major supporter of free trade agreements in the last two decades. Rejecting the TPP deal would not help the country overcome its economic challenges.

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