Should the dollar bill be replaced with a dollar coin?

  • We can make some change.

    It is amazing for a country that constantly innovates that we are scared to do what almost every other country in the world has done. Get rid of our dollar bill and move to a coin. If coins are really such a problem as many people say, why would they not want paper pennies, dimes, and quarters also. A dollar coin is a lot less troublesome than four quarters

  • Replace the dollar bill.

    The dollar bill costs too much to make, and bills aren't very durable. Coins can last virtually forever. Plus, the dollar is worth what the dime was worth in 1970, and people didn't carry around 10 cent bills then. That is some of the reasons why the US needs to replace the dollar bill.

  • The Dollar Bill should be replaced by the Dollar Coin.

    The main reason the dollar coin should be used instead of the dollar bill is cost. Dollar bills are paper, they tear, get wet and need to be replaced alot. Coins on the other hand last 5 times as long as the bill And would save the u.s. government over 4.4 billion dollars in less than 10 years.

    Here are some more upsides to the coin, There clean, much cleaner than bills, bacteria does not stick to coins as easily and can be washed to keep them cleaner. Speaking of washing they dont get ruined in the washer if you leave them in your pants. People also associate value with coins more because of their weight and because they are made of metal. They aslo allways work in vending machines and have different little pictures on them that teach you about the United States history.

  • Replace $1 & $2 bills with coins.

    The $1 bill is worth about what a dime was worth in 1970, and we did not have paper dimes back then. A redesigned $2 bill along side the $1 coin for perhaps 5 years after the $1 bill phase-out begins and after the last of the $1 bills are gone from circulation, and the transition to the $1 coin is complete, the U.S. $2 bill should be replaced with a bimetallic $2 coin, using Canada's $2 coin or "toonie" as the prototype for the U.S. $2 coin. And also, eliminate the penny, the nickel, and the quarter, and bring back the 20-cent coin, and get the half dollar coin back into wide circulation. Perhaps make the 20 cent coin the size of the nickel, and redesign the half to be the size of the quarter, and make it a sided coin, so as not to confuse halves with quarters until quarters are culled from circulation, and round all final totals of transactions to the nearest dime. Maybe later on, replace the $5 bill with a bimetallic $5 coin made of a golden circle around a silver center, reverse of the $2 coin, which is a silver ring around a golden center. And also, bring the $500 bill back into circulation, and issue a new $200 bill to keep up with inflation and the Euro Zone as well.

  • Yes,the dollar bill should be replaced with the dollar coin.

    For several obvious reasons,the dollar bill should be replaced with the dollar coin.People tend to like their form of money to have some sort of substance and a coin would give them that feeling.A coin would also be more long-lasting than the paper that a dollar bill is made of.

  • The dollar bill should bereplaced with a dollar coin.

    Dollar bills wear out too quickly and they are too expensive to produce. Coins last a lot longer, so the mint can save money by producing coins instead of paper bills. Also, no one likes to handle a dirty old dollar bill. Coins are cleaner and they are less likey to be damaged, for example, by going through the laundry.

  • The dollar bill should not be replaced

    Although dollar bills are costly to manufacture, it takes just as much money to produce coins made out of types of metal and bronze. Coins are more inconvenient because they are heavier and are harder to find in a wallet with other coins. There are many dollar coins already manufactured, but they have sat idle because people prefer bills over coins.

  • The dollar bill should not be replaced with a dollar coin

    We already have dollar coins in circulation. They are bigger than most coins and are heavier than paper dollars. Also when in your pocket they can make noise which can be annoying to some people.

    And last but certainly not least you cant throw coins at strippers, that would be dangerous.

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