• Should be lowered

    Because, if you are legal to smoke cigarettes and pot. Go to the army. Get a job. Be considered an adult. We pay taxes!!! So why the heck arent we allowed to drink?! People are gonna do it anyway so why not lower it. If i pay taxes, and do everything that i have to, to be considered an adult, then why cant i drink.

  • It is simply unethical that marijuana has been legalized in 2 U.S. states but the drinking age is still not being lowered by any state.

    This is simply promoting greater inequality between 18 and 21 year olds when we both legally posses the same rights as adults. Local law enforcement is nothing like it was 30 years ago. Back then, drunk drivers were getting rides home from the police and now, not even the biggest celebrities can get out of a DWI. I believe it is unethical to tell a young man who gets sent off by his government to go to war that when he comes home, he cannot go out to a bar and have a drink with his friends, his parents, or his siblings. Lowering the drinking age to 18 will also decrease a large amount of stress on college students, and will give them a reason not to go to college parties which are much more dangerous than attending a local bar or nightclub that has taxi services and bouncers making sure that nobody drives home drunk. The United States needs too change the drinking age to 18 for the sake of ethic and responsibility, and allow those who come home from war to enjoy the same pleasures as those who posses the same rights and liberties as 18, 19, and 20-year-olds.

  • Yes, illogical to have it at 21

    Yay! Ive turned eighteen.
    I can move out of my parents house! Hold a real job!

    Hell I could even take part in a porn movie if I wanted to!
    Ill go celebrate by having a beer with my friends.

    Its illogical and stupid, a person could film a porn when they turn eighteen, but not have a beer?

  • A higher and more stringently drinking age would result in a higher chance of abusing alcohol.

    It's not so much the rate of alcohol consumption that is really the problem, but the temptation of overuse. If youths are exposed to it at a young age, instead of viewing it as a 'forbidden fruit', then the temptation to binge drink will be less. Minors will have learned how to consume alcohol wisely and responsibly, since they have been exposed to it by their parents or by a responsible adult. In countries where the drinking age is lower, the same problems related to alcohol is usually less than what is seen in America, not because the alcohol consumption rate is lower, but because youths exercise more control in alcohol consumption.

  • A higher drinking age encourages individuals to take illegal measures to access alcohol.

    Beyond the argument emphasizing disproportional rights and privileges granted at 18 and 21, the drinking age should be lowered because there is no regulation for those who are managing to access alcohol through illegal actions like using fake ids and going to older individuals, both of which usually lead to binge drinking. This is a far more dangerous phenomenon than dealing with the results of a lower drinking age, since the government would be able to regulate limits like BAC (blood-alcohol content) for driving, bars and clubs would still be able to monitor which ages they allow inside, and individuals in this age group would not have to feel antagonized and thus, be in a safer environment for drinking.

  • Higher drinking age causes a higher death rate from drug poisoning

    Teens and young adults under the age of 21 will not seek medical help in fear of prosecution and will instead attempt harmful home remedies such as drinking more to ease tremors or a cold shower or coffee that may cause a seizure. Plus "sleeping it off" makes it harder to judge the seriousness of the poisoning and may cause them to drown in there own vomit.

  • The drinking age in the United States should be lowered

    Eighteen is the age for adulthood in the United States, right? So why can't adults, as in 18 year olds, go and buy liquor? They can do everything else, for example they can vote, serve on juries, smoke cigarettes, and even be prosecuted as adults. Lastly, they can go to the army which means risking their own life. So I believe if they are adults, treat them as one and let them do what they want.

    Posted by: BOY
  • In the United States the drinking age must be lowered

    Currently in the United States an 18-year-old is considered a legal adult, entrusted with serious responsibilities such as the right to vote, purchase a firearm, serve in the military, etc, yet astonishingly does not have the right to simply purchase or drink a beer. This is ridiculous and unjust. If a person is legally considered an adult, with adult liabilities and responsibilities, then they should also have the full rights of an adult, including the right to drink an alcoholic beverage responsibly.

  • The drinking age should be lowered.

    I have always wondered why you only have to be 18 to die for your country, but you need to be 21 to get a buzz. It makes very little sense at all that the drinking age is 21, unless it was due to people thinking that college age students would drink too much. The only issue with that is that college students still find ways of getting alcohol and are more likely to binge drink. That is why I think that the drinking age should be lowered. We need to understand that kids don't wait till they are 21 but instead drink behind doors before that and that could be a mistake that leads to death.

  • Drinking age should be 18

    The United States is supposed to have freedom but its not so much freedom if we cant drink at age 18. It should be our choice to drink or not. Not everyone is a drinker and if its lowered less people would be tempted to do it later in life

  • The drinking age should not be lowered .

    I think the drinking age should not be lowered because humans' brains are not fully developed until the age of 21 and 25, and if they lowered it the age to 18 your brain still gives you bad choices and you're not yet responsible and mature. It also spoils our coming generation and if you're drinking and driving you can cause an extreme car crash and can probably die or kill someone.

  • No, the drinking age should not be lowered

    Time and time again, it has been proven that teens struggle with good common sense decisions. The big issue in the past 100 years is cars. Prior to that, drinking at earlier ages was not as big a deal. But with the introduction of vehicles into the mix, cellphones, texting and drinking take on a whole new aspect. Unfortunately, there are those that are responsible enough to handle it, but all we have today is age to decide what is allowed and not.

  • TRUST ME GUYS KEEP THE DRINKING AGE TO 21!!!!!!! You don't know whats waiting out there.

    Its crazy to lower the drinking age, people can't eve control drinking when they are over 21 imagine how irresponsible they would be if given the opportunity to drink at the age of 18!!!! Plus during college there will be lots of parties where students won't be able to control the need of alcohol and this could leave to serious damage to the brain and social life. Like sex, pregnancy, killing someone, going to gail and lots of others...

  • The drinking age should not be lowered.

    Children below the age of 21 are still too young to consume alcoholic drink. They are still considered as youth, part of them but not all are still not mature enough to drink alcoholic drink. After they are drunk, many things may happen like sex or severe road accident. Some of them are not mature enough to face the responsibility and consequences. In conclusion, they are still too young to face the music.

  • Research Paper for school

    Hello, I have been assigned and research paper for school. My topic just so happens to be, should the U.S. lower that legal drinking age. I need a social media source, so I was wondering if any one could come to me with a personal occurrence or a story you have heard where underage drinking has done something to effect their lives and/or someone they are close too

  • No, keep it where it is

    I do understand the sentiment behind it being ridiculous that somebody can fight for their country but can't have a beer in it, but an overall lowering of the drinking age isn't going to solve more than it hurts. Underage drinking isn't going to drop because the legal age does.

  • Alcohol consumption can interfere with the development of the young adult brain.

    Even as an adult, a few drinks of alcohol can cause blurred vision, slurred words, stumbling, the inability to perform tasks that should be fairly easy, and many other things. Prolonged exposure makes you even more susceptible to alcoholism, liver disease, and even hepatic encephalopathy. To someone whose brain is not yet finished developing, on the other hand, the effects are even worse. Drinking during teenage and young adult years can lead to lifelong damage in memory, motor skills and coordination. It can also lead to alcoholism later in life.

  • Keep it the same

    Lots of people die form drinking just like my uncle I never met because when he was16 he died in a car crash because the driver was drunk the age should not be lowered because it is dangerous my uncle is just one example their are lots more people die every day because of drunk drivers and drinking to much!!!!

  • People will die

    Because the people saying yes are crazy people who are 21 and older die from to much imagine people who are 18 they will be dead in 5 minutes. Just do not lower it or else your kids and your lives will be taken away because of stupid alcohol just please don't lower it my cuisine died that way.

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