• A GREAT Idea...

    First of all, raising the drinking age to 25 would stop a large percentage of people 24 and younger. While there are still going to be people that drink illegally... There will be a significant decrease in underage drinking for ages 20 and under, because a very large amount (not all though) of alcohol comes to teens from 21 to 24 year olds. Another idea is a deadline for drinking when it is raised. This means that if you turned 21 by the time the law changed, you can drink. If not, you have to wait until you're 25.

  • No! Never ever!

    If this was the case the stock market would go down and alcohol companies would lose way to much money and many would go out of business. Also teens and young adults wouldn't have anything to look forward to. This is why I think it should stay 18. ( at least in Canada )

  • Drinking age should be lowered putting America in line with the rest of the World

    America has the highest legal drinking age of any non-Muslim country in the World. I when the drip inking age was raised by the US government 30 years ago, after lowering it in 1974, the stated reason was that it would lower alcohol related fatalities in the United States. There has been no study ever conducted to statistically prove this.

    Further, if a US citizen can vote, sign a contract, be treated as an an adult, and take responsibility for his or her actions in all other matters, then why can he or she not consume alcohol.?

  • No way .

    What is an adult? An adult is someone who has rights and obligations that children do not have. Adults have the ability and the right to make choices. On our 18th birthday, we take on a number of new responsibilities and rights including the obligation to serve on juries, the right to vote, the right to get married, the right to sign contracts, and even the right to serve in our military and die for our country. If we are accused of a crime, the criminal justice system prosecutes us as adults. If we are trusted with all of these important privileges and responsibilities of adulthood, then why shouldn’t we be trusted to drink alcohol? In order to create a society made up of adults who can be trusted, society has to trust them. Underaged drinking is a problem today as people under age 21 drink in unsupervised locations such as fraternity houses or house parties with no supervision resulting in binge drinking and sexual assault. Legal drinking in bars or restaurants leads people to behave in a more acceptable fashion. Raising the drinking age to 25 will not result in less drinking, just more underaged drinking. Habit is hard to break. People who are 23 and have already been regularly drinking for 2 years will definitely not stop drinking even if the law changes to age 25. Our opponents have led you to believe that we should take drinking away from 25 year olds and down because of the amount of drunk driving accidents. However, we have found in our research that most high Blood Alcohol Content drivers tend to be between the ages of 25 through 35 and male. Therefore, raising the drinking age to 25 will not be very effective in terms of lowering the amount of drunk-driving accidents. 21% of drunk driving accidents in the past year are from underaged drinkers. Even if we raise the legal drinking age to 25, people under that age are still going to drink, causing even more underaged drinking and driving accidents. Alcohol is part of our lives. It is part of our religious rituals, it is part of our eating traditions, and it is part of our celebrations. To deny adults age 21 through 25 this right and this pleasure is to deprive them of a basic dignity.

  • A Terrible Idea

    First of all, raising the drinking age to 25 would stop a very small percentage of 21-24 year olds from continuing to drink if they do so already. But more fundamentally, that is a ridiculous and paternalistic suggestion. Adults, meaning those over age 18, should be free to make their own decisions regarding alcohol.

  • It would be detrimental to raise the drinking age to 25.

    The drinking age, if raised to age 25 would cause more problems than it would solve. The first problem would be that of people over the age 25 helping those between age 18 or 21 and 25 obtain alcohol. This would increase so-called criminal activities in the United States. A good example was the years of Prohibition where alcohol became a way for anyone wanting to make a fast dollar to do so through opening secret "speak-easies" and selling illegal alcohol. Every time some commodity is made illegal, whether it be alcohol, drugs or tobacco the backlash is to increase the incidence of illegal activity and to have the price of the illegal commodity elevate to beyond logical proportions. The legal age for drinking should be the legal age when a person can be considered an adult and eligible for military service.

  • Drinking age should not be raised

    Young adults (under 21) are already unsafe with alcohol because of the taboo aspect of it. Once you're allowed to drink, it loses the appeal to be secretive and unsafe about it. If we were to raise the drinking age we would just be making the years of deviance last longer.

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