Should the driving age be raised to 17 or higher?

  • The driving age should be raised to 17 or higher.

    The driving age should be raised to 17 or higher. Most of the 16 year olds are still too immature to be behind the wheel. I think we should raise it to avoid more accidents. I would raise it to at least 18 and require a diploma from high school.

  • Teens Too Distract, Not Mature Enough

    There are too many distractions for teenagers to drive now. The driving age should be raised to at least 18. In some states, a graduated driver's license is the norm where a 16-year-old can't drive without an adult licensed driver in the passenger seat unless that teenager is driving too and from work. There are just too many distractions on the road for teens to focus on just driving. Teens are commonly killed in accidents simply because of texting or not wearing a seatbelt. Those lessons start at home with parenting first.

  • The driving age should be raised to seventeen

    Teenagers have driving records that demonstrate their immaturity behind the wheel. Raising the driving age to seventeen or higher would save the lives of many teenagers and the innocent victims of their carelessness. Provisional licenses can be issued for sure who need to drive to school and for teenagers who have jobs. Proof of accident free driving could also be used to shorten the waiting period before teens receive a license with full privileges.

  • It should be raised.

    If it is raised, then the number of car accidents would go down. One of the leading deaths of teens are car crashes. Why wouldn't it be raised. If it was lower, then driver's will become less responsible because they have so many advantages. If it is raised, the drivers will be smarter, more responsible, and obviously have more capability of driving a car.

  • The driving age is fine the way it is.

    The age limit is perfectly fine where it is. It is harder to absorb information and skills when your older rather than when you are younger. Plus, why go through all the hassle and trouble of changing it? It is much easier to keep the age limit the same, 16.

  • An arbitrary age

    Why is 17 a better or worse age to allow people to drive than 16? A case could honestly be made for either, but if there are reasons for or against in equal measure, the answer is to keep it at what it currently is - why go through the cost and hassle of changing it?

  • The driving age is fine.

    I think that the current driving age is fine. I think that the only thing that needs any sort of reformation or adjustment is the way we teach children. There are way too many drunk driving kids and kids that are on their phones while they are driving around town causing accidents.

  • No it shouldn't.

    The driving age should not be raised to age 17 or higher because it would not make a difference. The real thing that makes a good driver is experience, so if drivers start at a fairly young age they will have more experience. This is what really makes a difference in most cases.

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