• Extremely Dangerous Drug

    Fentanyl is beneficial for medicinal purposes, but can be deadly if abused. Also mixing Fentanyl with heroin and such designer drugs deem a single does fatal. These mixtures and habits with Fentanyl have claimed many young Americans. It is also proven that if someone came into contact with "Grey Death" (Heroin,Fentanyl) via skin or air could kill you. Action needs to be taken now! Save our kids, streets, and country!

  • Isn’t Heroin illegal? How’s that working out?

    Heroin has no medical worth; it is simply morphine tweaked to allow quicker passage across the blood-brain barrier. I’ve seen where the DEA states that Fentanyl has no medical value or purpose. DEA folks obviously didn’t attend medical school. As a seasoned Anesthesia provider, I can assure you that you could not pick any other single drug or piece of equipment to ban that would more negatively impact our ability to safely provide quality anesthesia. We shouldn’t even have to get into that discussion, because the only time making something illegal to lower its availability has ever worked in this country was when we banned yard-darts in the 80s.

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