• ESPY awards should become more diverse

    The ESPY awards did not include players who discuss black rights. This is a poor choice on their part because black rights are becoming an increasingly important factor in the world we live in today. By ignoring this issue, the ESPY awards unfortunately have shown that they do not care about this issue.

  • Yes, it is an important issue.

    Athletes and the ESPY's are seen by millions of people. It is a great platform for the issue of black rights, especially since most athletes are black, and it is one of the few ways that many young black youth can break out and become successful. It would be wrong not to discuss it.

  • If players experience discrimination they should be allowed to talk about it.

    Discrimination is such a huge problem that all platforms need to be used to talk about it. If a player feels the need to speak up, then he should be allowed to do so. Just because he is a professional player does not mean he doesn't experience discrimination and if he does, he has the right to talk about it.

  • No, race talks are controversial and would water down the purpose of the ESPY's.

    The Espy's should not have included players talking about black rights. This is a very controversial subject right now. Although all persons should be treated equal, we still have a surge in race issues in America. We have black people being killed in what are perceived to be racially motivated attacks by authority figures, and various groups of people in opposition. The Black Lives Matter movement is one organization that has chosen to speak up for black people. Even though some people believe this movement might be responsible for retaliatory violence, it is an inescapable fact that they are already speaking for blacks. The media, activists, and other social groups should also tackle these talks. Therefore, the Espy's should leave such talks to the aforementioned groups. The Espy's need to focus on sports. The Espy's have been around since the 90's. They have always focused on sports. When we tune into the Espy's, we want to remember their legacy and not be reminded of the hurtful race debate in America!

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