• Yes, it should have stricter regulation.

    Climate change is happening at an alarming rate, and not enough is being done to slow it down. If stricter regulations are not created and met, than the world will not truely be inhabited in a few years, and all the progress we have made will be in vain. We need to take action now.

  • The EU isn't doing enough to prevent climate change

    The European Union should impose much stricter climate regulations on its citizens and government. This will do much to alleviate climate change and, hopefully, inspire other governments around the world to introduce similar strict legislation which can only benefit the world instead of breaking it by taking climate change seriously.

  • Stricter climate regulations for all

    Yes, the European Union should have stricter climate regulations. Every country on the planet needs to have stricter regulations and greater respect for our environment. We are headed to a very bad place in our world if we don't. European countries as well as other modern first world countries have a greater responsibility in the effort to save our planet. They do more to damage it.

  • Yes, climate change is a serious issue.

    Climate change is the most serious issue facing the world right now, and the EU should be a leader in fighting it by showing the rest of the world what needs to be done. The United States won't do much, since a large percentage of the population denies that climate change exists, so the EU should step up and lead the way.

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