• Yes, the Facebook poster should be jailed.

    The Facebook poster should be jailed if that person did something wrong. There have been many instances of someone breaking the law, and then bragging about their crime on social media. Many police departments have used sites like Facebook to find wanted suspects. Therefore, if the Facebook poster broke the law, that person should be jailed like anyone else would be for breaking the law.

  • Facebook poster belongs in the slammer

    A Facebook user baited police by posting selfies. This behavior should not stand - the police should definitely jail this individual for such blatant behavior. By doing so, our law enforcement will show all social media users that what you post online has serious real-life consequences and that they should think before they post.

  • Yes, some Facebook posters should be jailed.

    If a facebook post leads to the arrest of a suspect, then the facebook poster should be jailed. I think that people who use Facebook to harass and bully people should face charges and be treated like vandals. Free speech should be protected, but posts that are intended to threaten or lead to violence should be treated as libelous. Also, people who use Facebook to plagiarize people's art work should face charges.

  • No, posting on facebook is not illegal.

    There is no reason to arrest someone for making posts on Facebook. They don't need to be jailed for something that they said on facebook. Facebook is not real life and people should not take the things they see on it quite so seriously. It should not have that kind of effect.

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