Should the Farroe Islands have waited for Google, instead of attaching cameras to sheep?

  • Yes, Stop slaughtering whales!

    Are we meant to be impressed by this? This is the Faroe Island's pathetic attempt to pretend that it respects animals. Yet this same government still allows the killing of whales in the Faroes, despite the fact that in 2008, the Faroe Island’s chief physician, Dr. Pál Weihe, and chief medical officer, Dr. Høgni Debes Joensen, recommended that pilot whale meat should no longer be used for human consumption because of the significant threat it poses.

  • No, it was cool.

    The Farroe Islands did a cool and creative thing that shows people what is unique about their island by attaching cameras to sheep. Besides getting them some publicity and being a cool way to show off, it is also a fun way for them to boost tourism and get people to visit.

  • No, it's good to innovate.

    It was okay for Farroe Islands to attach cameras to sheep instead of waiting for google. Innovations should be encouraged and this is one of them. Maybe after it has worked, it will motivate people in other places to do even much better instead of waiting for google that is not clear on when it will reach such places.

  • "Sheep View" may compel Google to bring Street View to the Ferroe Islands.

    With Google having yet to record any visual information of the streets of the Farroes, no one outside the Farroe Islands has been able to truly see it without either looking at photos from others who have traveled there or actually travelling there themselves. The "Sheep View" may help to encourage Google to make a trip to the islands and map them.

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