Should the father have to pay child support if he wanted an abortion?

  • Desire for an outcome does not negate responsibility

    In order to support an argument like this, we would have to support the basic notion that after we act in a given fashion in any circumstance, our desire for a specific outcome would negate our responsibility (particularly when the outcome is one we don't desire). For example, we could speed, and when caught by a policemen we would simply say "I didn't really want to go that fast," and get off of the hook. Or, we could send in a bad check to pay a bill and then tell the business that we wanted the check to be good, and we'd be all set. The bottom line here is if you don't want the responsibility of a child, don't have sex.

  • It doesn't matter whether he wants one or not.

    Like it or not, the reality is that unplanned pregnancies happen. Nearly 40 percent of women obtaining an abortion are married with other children. Almost half were using birth control of some sort. But the risk is still there for pregnancy in every act of sexual intercourse.

    With the abortion issue, due to the nature of childbirth women must bear the physical repercussions. It would be barbaric to be able to force a surgical procedure on another person (as in the case of the man wanting an abortion but the woman not) or to force a woman to be an unwilling incubator (as in the case of a woman wanting an abortion and the man not). In either case, abortion or not, the woman involved has consequences. Men have theirs. Don't like it? Get a vasectomy or don't have sex.

  • He made her pregnant!

    If a father wanted to get an abortion but the mom didn't, then he should still pay child support. Why? BECAUSE HE GOT HER PREGNANT! No matter how much people argue, sex has one and one purpose only: TO REPRODUCE. And anyways, the girl is the one who has to carry the baby around for 9 months, so it should be her choice whether it's an abortion. But still, guys make girls pregnant so really, it's his fault in the first place.

  • Of course he should

    If a man took the risk of choosing to have unprotected sex then they need to face the responsibility of financially caring for the product. Someone who commits murder can't turn around and say, well I wish I didn't do that so let's just make it go away so I don't have to go to jail.

  • Abortion shouldn't be the way out! Men are as responsible

    A man agreeing to have sex with a woman, should protect himself if he does not want a child. Relying on the woman to handle this responsibility is very coward. Besides, abortions are wrong and risky for a woman's body. It is already hard enough to bare the mental consequences of an unwanted pregnancy let along the weight that comes with giving birth to a child, and I am not just referring to weight gain, but the financial and medical one. A man needs to embrace this blessing and be in this child's life instead of running away like a coward. It is too easy for them. Child support is a small detail in this while situation. Most of the time, the amount received does not even cover a third of what a mother actually spends on her child monthly, so stop crying and start being responsible!

  • Maybe he should get a vasectomy or just wear a condom.

    Asking women to undergo abortion is like asking men to undergo a vasectomy. The only difference is she still endure the symptoms of a pregnancy until her hormones are normal again. Men will never know what women has to go through physically and psychologically. Choosing to raise the child is more than just several hundred dollars a month as women misses work in order to care for a sick child, or leave work because a child broke an arm, or wake up all hours of the night to attend to their needs, or purchase medications that are partially covered by her insurance. If the two were a couple, that's not an argument at all as he will be more than happy to share those responsibilities. But the fact that it happened this way, now she should have to endure all the responsibility because he didn't get a vasectomy in the first place? Men, you do have a choice, wear a condom. Why does men always want the easy way out? She should be on the pills, she should have an abortion, she's the mother, she should cook and clean, she should do everything as he make the decisions that would give him less responsibilities. Let me just say that men, your financial responsibility ends when the child is an adult. The mother's financial responsibility will never end. The other thing is keep your goodies for the one you would want to call your wife.

  • He chose not to wear protection.

    I think if a guy chooses not to wear a condom then he shouldn't expect the woman to get an abortion just because he doesn't want to pay for his child's well being, but I also think that men shouldn't be made to visit or feel bad for not visiting unwanted children, but they have to pay for the kids food while the mother takes care of it, because the child shouldn't have to starve because the guy who created him/her wasn't careful.

    If the mother could afford to raise the child without any child support and she wants the child 100% of the time, no shared custody or visitation then they should sign a contract that he doesn't have to pay child support as long as he doesn't bother her for visitation etc. and if he suddenly decides he wants to be involved in his kids life in the future then he has to pay all the child support he didn't pay before because many guys would just say they don't want the kid because they don't want to support it but will want a relationship once the child is grown purely for financial reasons.

  • Actually, depends on the situation

    It really depends. If the father is involved and they have shared custody equally, than no. My ex husband paid child support to me for about a year, until I got a better paying job. Now we have 50/50 and no hold support is paid. There are also cases where the father is the custodial parent, and has the child the majority of the time. But this whole abortion issue, how a woman can choose it and the man can't. If you don't want to have a child, use a condom. To say that a surgery on her body is an acceptable alternative, its not that simple.

  • Don't want a baby? Abstinence.

    An abortion isn't something you should be able to force upon someone. Whilst I am personally pro choice, I completely understand the moral dilemma that one would face while weighing their options. Though I understand abstinence is not a completely pragmatic solution, the responsibility of ensuring birth control methods are used (or the responsibility of raising a child, should they fail) cannot fairly be placed entirely upon women. Exercising restraint and ensuring safe sex is practised should be enough to prevent unwanted children, and in the absence of these safety measures I believe both parties should be responsible for the consequences. You cannot force someone to alter their moral/religious beliefs simply because you both made an error in judgement.

  • It's her body, not his

    Because having a baby shouldn't be in control of a man, so if the parters get divorced he should be required to pay child support, just like if women wanted an abortion (and didn't get one) would have to pay child support, so it would be a more equal and fair thing for men to pay even if the child wasn't wanted.

  • A father should not encourage his son to do abortion for his wife

    A Father must teach his son the basic needs of a family to his son and he should be a person who can help his son to build up a family for himself . Even though his son does a wrong in his young age he should always save his son for going against the law

  • Women abuse the system

    Too many women use children and a biased court system as a form of entrapment and a way to guarantee a paycheck, and many do so maliciously by saving sperm, skipping a pill cycle, or strongly engaging in sexual foreplay when they know there is no protection available.

    I'll never question a women's right to their choice of an abortion, but if you don't want men having a say in whether or not you can have an abortion, then men shouldn't be beholden to your choice either.

  • It's all circumstantial

    The choice to raise a child or not should not be entirely with the mother. You obviously can't force a woman into abortion as it is her body, and you obviously can't force a woman not to get an abortion for the same reason. But a man shouldn't be forced into something as it is his life. The argument that the man can simply choose not to get a woman pregnant falls flat on it's face when the one arguing for this believes in abortion. If this were the case, then why should abortion be legal in the first place if a woman can just choose not to get pregnant? Obviously abortion should be legal because mistakes happen, so why should men only be accountable for their mistakes, but not women?

  • Women only want equal rights when it benefits them.

    All I hear about now is equal rights and how women want to be treated the same as men. And how they want the same paying jobs and treatment in the military as men. You know. Thats great and all. But they seem to only want to reap the benefits of it. Like higher pay jobs and the same respect and opportunities as a man gets I guess. They don't want to deal with everything else that comes along with it, especially when it has to do with money. If they get pregnant and THEY decide that THEY want to keep the baby. All of a sudden its the "fathers" responsibility who didn't even want a child in the first place and they leave him with the bill. What happened? I thought we're in an age where we have independent women? If they're so independent they would be like you know what "I" want this child and I'M going to be responsible and take care of it without burdening the poor man that never planned on having or wanted a kid to pay for it for 18 years of his life. There's resources out there if they don't want to take the responsibility themselves. They could either have an abortion or adoption. And I don't want to hear this crap about its immoral or wrong because its a human being or whatever. Babies are made from sperm and an egg. My sperm dies every day and you don't see me crying about it. They can always have another baby later when they're ready. Its not hard. Women actually have a choice wether they want a baby or not. Men don't. And mistakes happen. So you're telling me if some guy has a one night stand with some crazy chic from a bar and accidentally gets her pregnant and she decides she wants to keep it just because she wants a baby he should have to pay for that the rest of his life? My whole point is that we've come to a day in age where women have just as good paying jobs as men and if not higher. They made child support a law in the 50's when women were still house wives and it was hard for them to get a job. But now it just seems like women use the system to get over. And men are the ones getting screwed. We're living in a different age now where we got lying, deceiving people that will try to get money or trap men. And they really need to change that law.

  • His Money, His Choice

    I am totally pro-choice and know that women have to go through all the effort to give birth to a child, but if the father wanted to get an abortion because he knew he was not ready to have a child, why should he have to pay child support when he has absolutely no say in the matter of the abortion or not? If a woman cannot support a child based on her personal income alone, why logically speaking would she go through with having the child?

  • The dads often get the short end

    I have seen both sides. I do not understand how a man has no say in what happens after a female is pregnant. This goes two ways in the fact that what if the man wants the child and the mother doesn't? He cannot force her to have the baby and make her pay child support. The system is a one way street. The man should be doing what he needs to so that he doesn't have an unexpected pregnancy but so should the women. There are several forms of birth control. So many women hold their kids out from the father and use them to control the father. This is crap especially across states. The fathers have little to no say and the women continue what they are doing. They have to go to where the mother brings the child and fight just for visitation.

  • OH HELL no.

    Hey--it's a woman's choice to have/not have a kid. I am in TOTAL support of choice--for BOTH parties. If a woman wants an abortion---more power to her. I'm 10000000% pro-abortion. It's her choice. Same way it's a man's choice to NOT want a kid. If he doesn't, but she does, then let her pay for it. I see no more reason to force a man who doesn't want a kid in the first place to have to pay for it just because the woman does. She's got the option of abortion, adoption, or keeping it. The man should have just as much choice to not pay for some kid he doesn't want as the woman does to have an abortion.

  • Because women are the ones who choose when to get pregnant

    I am a woman and I do not believe men should be forced into paying child support just because someone decided to get themselves knocked up, and especially if it was against the man's clearly stated desire that a pregnancy not occur! Granted, if a man really wants to make sure, he should use a condom. But some women will swear they're "on the pill" and then one day "OOPS, I guess it quit working." Maybe if they'd had better character, they would just discuss their wishes openly with their partner rather than deceiving him into believing they're protected. It's extremely lowlife behavior. And then there are the serial child support litigators: Women who have several different children, all by different biological fathers. And they end up collecting monthly financial support from each one of them. The laws are usually unfairly biased toward supporting the mother and the child (who, I admit, is blameless in this situation). If women want more respect from them, they can begin by being HONEST about their childbearing choices! It makes little sense in this day and age when women are free to work and support themselves to expect men to help out when they have no desire to do and made it clear from the beginning. Sure, accidents happen. Birth control is not 100% effective and not everyone can take the pill. Under those circumstances, both parties need to think more carefully about the potential consequences. But if a man is outright LIED to and dragged into court and forced to pay $40K-$50K (or more) over the course of 18+ years, then the legal system is messed up and needs to change.

  • People can be manipulative

    In some scenarios, contraceptive means are used by both parties. This is evident that neither party wants a pregnancy. When these means fail, whether by manipulation or true failure of contraception why does this desire to have a pregnancy change? For example, if a man manipulates a condom to the point where an unwitting woman becomes pregnant, she has the ability to have an abortion. The fact that she is requiring the use of a condom by the mail is her acknowledgement that she does not want to get pregnant or contract and STI. Now if a woman, manipulates contraception (yes it does happen) and she gets pregnant, them male who was duped has no recourse to remove himself from the role of the pregnancy even though he was duped into the pregnancy. Now we all know the risk of sex is a pregnancy, but when an individual takes step or believes he is taking steps to prevent it, why is he obligated to take care of a child that he didn't want and that he assumed the female didn't want either. It is a double standard that males end up on the losing end.

  • Equal power, equal responsibility.

    Well, the woman is given all the options in the world, and the man has no options except paying for a child he didn't want. This isn't fair at all. If the woman has all the power in the sitaution (keep/abort the child), she should also have all the responsibility. If then the man wants to have the child with her, he's obviously responsible as well, for 18 years. But as soon as shes pregnant they should have a talk, and if he doesn't want it, it's her choice, to keep, to abort, or to give it away or whatever she feels like.

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