Should the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) be abolished?

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  • Parents Should be controlling what their kids can and can't see, not the government

    When I watched the episode "Just One Bite" from SpongeBob, I noticed that the seen where Squidward gets blown up was removed. I ALMOST CRIED. That scene was HILARIOUS! Then I thought about things they show on TV today, and thought: "Why is it that at one point it was ok to have dirty jokes in cartoons, but now it's not?" I mean, I was a child when SpongeBob was good, and I remember not getting any of the jokes that made my parents laugh their heads off. Now I get the jokes, and I hate how the FCC has prohibited funny jokes. I mean, little kids don't get dirty references, and if parents don't like what their kids are watching, that's their problem! They should be the ones telling kids what their kids can and can't watch. And if those parents don't control what their little kids watch, then they shouldn't be parents. I should also mention that we are supposed to be "Free" country which means that we have the right to watch our favorite shows without some a**holes censoring everything that makes it funny!

  • I'm sorry, I thought this was America.

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH @#$%^. Wait, oh $%&#. They're censoring this too?! Mother@#$%ers!

    (sigh) Very well, I will speak politely. I feel that it should be up to the viewers whether or not they wish to see this. Included at the discretion of those who worked on it. And rated by NATO. As I recall, that's what they call themselves.

  • Abolish the FCC

    The FCC (federal communications Commission) should be abolished because it infringes on the first amendment. The FCC regulates media, television & the internet. Notably, the FCC regulates shows that have nudity, cursing and profanity. We've all seen The Simpsons Movie (or hopefully we've all seen it). In the beginning you have Bart skateboarding nude and because the FCC prohibits nudity, they were forced to censor it. This is common in shows like American Dad, Family Guy, and reality television shows for bleeping out curse words. It doesn't harm anybody that shows have curse words, nudity or "indecency". The common argument is that it's gross or children would see; but I have a very genius plan to make sure children don't see. Don't let your children watch shows; you can easily block specific television networks from your child with settings. The internet, media, television shows and radios should not be regulated.

  • Federal Government has no jurisdiction under the constitution to regulate speech.

    The Internet was not created by the Federal Government. With Net Neutrality in place, the only winners online will be those with the political and financial proximity to the Federal Government. This will be the solidification of large corporations gaining further control over the markets, and the ability of the government to exploit the public.

  • There are technical reasons for the FCC.

    Among them are spectrum allocation, Etc. From, enumerated duties include:

    Promoting competition, innovation and investment in broadband services and facilities
    Supporting the nation's economy by ensuring an appropriate competitive framework for the unfolding of the communications revolution
    Encouraging the highest and best use of spectrum domestically and internationally
    Revising media regulations so that new technologies flourish alongside diversity and localism
    Providing leadership in strengthening the defense of the nation's communications infrastructure

    All are practical duties. I will agree that the FCC needs to be reformed, but not abolished,

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