Should the federal government be responsible for disaster relief?

  • The Private Sector Cannot Handle It

    Yes, the federal government should be responsible for disaster relief. The federal government is the only power large enough and wealthy enough to be able to manage disaster relief. When disaster strikes, the federal government is the only entity that can get enough people and resources in place to react quickly. The private sector would never be able to manage anything as large and diverse as disaster relief.

  • Indeed.

    Oh absolutely. How would a devestated area get assistance if there was no goverment to help fund repairs to their community otherwise? It's not something you can just have a fundraiser for. You have to allot money and government funds to help disaster zones recover- because those areas will help the economic growth and further development of those areas.

  • Yes. Only the government can mobilize like that.

    Turning over disaster to relief to a plethora of small charities will not work, and private corporations most certainly cannot be trusted to help thoroughly and systematically. Disaster relief is sort of like an insurance policy. We pay the government taxes so that there is a network of offices and money that can help provide relief when necessary. It is collective social insurance that only an entity as large and non-profit-seeking as the government can undertake.

  • Its The Only Way People Will Get Help

    Yes, the federal government should be responsible for disaster relief. If disaster relief came from the private sector, it would be run by a board of directors and required to show a profit. Disaster relief would end up being based on people’s ability to pay for it and it would turn into a situation where only the wealthiest received aid and the poorest would be forced to make do the best they could. The only way there can be true disaster relief for all who need it is for the federal government to run it.

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