Should the federal government regulate marijuana the same way it handles alcohol?

  • Our country will go down fast with potheads

    The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws developed the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act in 1934 due to the lack of restrictions in the Harrison Act of 1914. The act was a revenue-producing act and, while it provided penalties for violations, it did not give authority to the states to exercise police power regarding either seizure of drugs used in illicit trade or punishment of those responsible.[1]

    Harry J. Anslinger, a member of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, campaigned and lobbied for passage of the Uniform State Narcotic Act[2] and the Hearst newspaper media chain was an effective ally in his campaign for passage.[3] The draft of the act was submitted to the American Bar Association at its meeting in Washington in 1932, and it was officially approved by that body and sent to various states the following year. The purpose of the act was to make the law uniform in various states with respect to controlling the sale and use of narcotic drugs.[4] The Commissioners on Uniform State Laws intended to effectively safeguard and regulate narcotic drugs throughout all of the states.[1]

    Initially, only nine states adopted the uniform state statute. President Roosevelt supported adoption of the Act in many more states in a message on Columbia radio network in March 1935.[5] Anslinger launched a nationwide media campaign declaring that marijuana causes temporary insanity. The advertisements featured young people smoking marijuana and then behaving recklessly, committing crimes, killing themselves and others, or dying from marijuana use. The propaganda campaign was a success and all states signed on.[2]

  • Yes it should.

    The federal government should regulate pot the same way it handles alcohol. There is nothing bad about pot, and the government can stand to make a ton of money off of it by putting a tax on it. There is not reason that pot should be illegal while alcohol is legal.

  • We must legalize marijuana.

    It's time for our so called government by the people, for the people to accept that we the people don't view marijuana as something that should be illegal. It's not dangerous, there are therapeutic benefits to it, and it's not toxic -- you literally cannot overdose on pot. We need to regulate it and more importantly, we need to tax it.

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    It would be an excellent idea for the federal government to regulate marijuana the same way they do alcohol. The consumer would be more aware of the purity of their product as well as other chemicals that are in what they are consuming. The government would be able to tax marijuana sales and collect income through that route. We would not have the drug killings we currently have over the boarder of Mexico. It would be a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, marijuana should be regulated by the federal government the same way it handles alcohol. If people want to consume marijuana legally then by all means let them. It could also help the taxation and economy because people would purchase marijuana legally and are being taxed for it. It is no more dangerous than alcohol so I don't a reason to not regulate marijuana the same way as alcohol.

  • Tax It

    The federal government should definitely regulate marijuana like it handles alcohol. It is an excellent opportunity to solve the problems caused by the failed war on drugs. It will solve prison overcrowding and provide a source of tax revenue for the government. It is a simple solution to a simple problem.

  • State Revenue

    Legalizing marijuana and then handling the sale and distribution in the same manner that the state of Pennsylvania handles alcohol is the best way forward. It will create decent paying jobs with state benefits, stop people form going to jail for no reason, and greatly increase the revenue of each state.

  • Yes

    The government needs to end prohibition of marijuana just like it did with alcohol all those years ago. Regulating it like alcohol will prevent a lot of crime and harm. Plus it will have the added bonus of creating regulation jobs and tax revenues. It is the perfect thing to do right now.

  • No, no regulations at all

    No regulations, no criminalisation, just no.

    It's a plant. If you think being taxed or imprisoned is acceptable for a plant, then you should be arrested and fined every time you possess poppies. Poppy seeds in fact contain the substances of opium and, like hundreds of things, imaginative people can smoke them and they'll probably be really bad for them...

    Why is it that the BEST plant to smoke is illegal? Weed has been smoked since at least 500 BC in ancient China - they have an official symbol for marijuana. This plant was smoked for centuries and centuries. It wasn't made illegal for any good or honest reason, face it, and it stays illegal under all sorts of false pretenses and lies.

  • Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

    The federal government shouldn't regulate marijuana like it does alcohol. In reality, the government should keep marijuana illegal because it's a dangerous drug when used constantly and for long-term periods. With that in mind, many people want this drug legalized, but there's no reason that we should legalize such a drug.

  • No marijuana should be kept illegal

    The US government should not regulate marijuana because doing so will mean legalizing it first. I think medical marijuana is the only thing that should be legalized. Recreational use as no benefits for society so legalizing it will not help. The government should stay away from marijuana all together in the future.

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