Should the GOP be labeled a terrorist organization?

  • Absolutely. They are killers.

    They've shut down our government, support unconstitutional theocratic legislation, poison water, and are literally killing citizens by ignoring climate change. Get them out of this country, real patriots don't want the GOP and it's fearmongering tactics in this country. Mitch McConnell should be publicly executed he is the worst of them all.

  • No, they do not terrorize people.

    No, the GOP should not be labeled a terrorist organization, even though Karl Rove is pretty scary. No seriously, there is no evidence that the GOP undertakes any action in order to purposefully cause people suffering in order to make people agree with their religious or political opinions. That is the definition of a terrorist, and the GOP does not fit it.

  • No, the GOP should not be labeled a terrorist organization.

    No, the GOP is not a terrorist organization. The GOP shouldn't be labeled as terrorist because they do not use systematic violence to influence political decisions and that is the definition of terrorism. The GOP might use hate speech sometimes, but that cannot be classified as terrorism. It's just politics.

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