Should the government be able to censor the internet?

  • Im not a cucksertvative

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  • Terrorist Organizations and Government Security Leaks

    The internet is a very free place that anyone can use to speak their mind, but what about national security threats? The leaking of Government information through the Web is no bueno, not just because it can hurt the government, but possibly the people themselves. The internet could also be a host to start up terrorist organizations or other groups that wish to assault the country, and I don't want that kind of thing to start up on the Web.

  • Yes they should have some power

    Yes the government should be able to censor the internet if it needs to. The internet should not be viewed as a place where laws of a nation are forgotten. If material is found to be breaking a law and would be censored offline then it should be censored online too.

  • The internet should be a free global market to exchange ideas.

    I don’t think the government should be able to censor the
    internet. I think they should only be
    able to censor child pornography and track down and prosecute the people who
    create and distribute it. The internet
    should be free of all limitations and restrictions. I believe it should also be free.

  • The governments purpose in censoring the internet is to hide the truth.

    The government's words about very nearly anything can be trusted about as far as you can throw a tractor trailer. Now you can find the truth. Literally hundreds of thousands of people put the truth on the internet. Since almost every single word from the government, every department and every party is a total lie, they have to put a stop to the truth. This is no exaggeration. They already control print and television. It is likely that they will censor the internet in spite of anything we do. They have never paid much attention to the constitution, except to work around it. Just stand back and look at what you already know. The trick now is when they trample the constitution like they usually do, for us to find a new way to get the truth past them. I am not that technically savvy but I hope one of you is. Get the word out. Remember all governments are evil. Some are just worse than others. They don't care about porn. That's just their excuse. Good luck.

  • TOO much wasted time and money

    Do you know how nig the internet is, you are just gunna waste a bunch of time and money that could have gone to way better causes. It would take away freedom of speech, freedom of press and not only that, it would be like hiding information from you. Idek...

  • Thats not the right action

    Sure the internet may have bad content or give ability to do crime, but censoring it is not the right action to take. Monitoring it, or finding another way to stop criminals without prohibiting services to the innocent would be much better. Obviously, this has been tried before and hasn't made big enough impacts. I know that, but censoring the internet is a step we should NOT take. Not only would it put all of america at a disadvantage– it would go against our first amendment.

  • No to the Great Firewall of China

    The government does not own the internet, who are they to decide how we get to express ourselves anyway? As a Canadian I am glad to say I have the right to express myself freely in real life, why should that be taken away on the internet? Not to mention, people always find a way to get around these things. I am a student in high school and quite a few of the websites I use (Such as Steam and MSPARP) are censored by the school board, yet I still get around it and onto these sites, it's not that difficult. Perhaps things like certain websites should be MONITORED, to catch criminals and try to make things a little safer for everyone, (The internet can be an intimidating and dangerous place if you don't know how to use it well) but I for one don't want my basic human rights violated.

  • Freedom Of Speech

    Hello? Freedom of speech? The government does not have the right to censor the internet,t he way it doesn't have the right to sensor the newspapers, tv, or radio. Wh would we hold the internet to different standards than those forms of media? We have freedom of speech in the US.

  • Freedom Of Speech

    Hello? Freedom of speech? The government does not have the right to censor the internet,t he way it doesn't have the right to sensor the newspapers, tv, or radio. Wh would we hold the internet to different standards than those forms of media? We have freedom of speech in the US.

  • No censorship please

    If the Internet were to be censored, it would end up another corporate controlled, passive reception medium, like TV and radio. In the early days of radio, anyone could get a home kit and broadcast anything they wanted from their home. Some of it got pretty raunchy, which is why, in the late 30s, the FCC was created and a license required to broadcast. Similarly, online, some things can get pretty raunchy too. However, unlike with radio, one must be actively searching for the raunch before they find it. There may have been some justification for censoring radio; there is absolutely none for censoring the Net.

  • Internet Should be Free and Clear

    Everyone seems to have access to the Internet with laptops, wireless access and apps on smartphones. The Internet shouldn't be censored whatsoever--it is one of the few places where the free and open exchange of ideas gets to flow freely without encumbrances. The government has no business restricting the free market of the Internet.

  • Deny all censorship

    The government should not be able to or allowed to censor the Internet or anything, for that matter. The first amendment protects us from censorship, and after years we are finally able to differentiate between what is really obscenity and artistic expression. Censoring the Internet will lead to a slippery regressive slope.

  • The government should not be able to censor the internet.

    The government should not be able to censor the Internet. The government should not be allowed to do this because they will just take it farther and farther until it will be illegal to do anything on the Internet. I think they should just leave it alone and let it go the way it is.

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