Should the government be involved in health care?

  • Better America today

    The more heathly people there are in America the more people there are to work and more jobs and even a better economy people who can barely scrap enough money together for food will have more money from working to help get his family off the ground. That will bring us out of debt

  • They should be

    The govt will help to :
    1. Lower costs
    2. Get country wide accessibility due to its oneness
    If there were many private companies owning this many would struggle to get country wide accessibility, some might even use it for profit. When costs are lowered it is cheaper for country wide health care because imports/ home made medicines have to govt regulated

  • Government needs to be involved

    Even though it would be great to think that the government doesn't have to be involve in everything, it sure does help. Government involvement will help those in need for health care and it might help lower costs of health care so why do you not want that? People can go bankrupt from health care and why do we want that either?

  • Yes they should.

    I think we need the government to be involved in health care so that we can have their support and back up if we need to get on a plan that means they pay for the person who is broke or can not afford to pay for it themselves. I do think they need better health care plans though.

  • The government should be involved in health care.

    The government should be involved in health care. Anything that the government can do to help the people out with the cost then I am all for. It should not be set up by the government to profit off of it and make it a monopoly. However, if it works then do it.

  • Only To Provide Universal Health Care

    I believe the government should be involved in health care because we have reached a point where we realize it is important to provide health care to everyone. It is the humane thing to do. Therefore, I believe it is important for government to implement policies that ensure it's population proper health care. I believe they should also be involved with cost control as well.

  • The government should be involved.

    The government should be involved in health care, absolutely, because time and time again the free market has shown that it will not look out for the interests of the people. The interests of the people should always be protected when it comes to making sure that they stay healthy and alive.

  • Government Involvement in Healthcare

    Without a doubt, the federal and state governments should be involved in healthcare. Such involvement helps bring down the costs associated with healthcare in this country. Other countries have shown that government involvement can improve the situation in various ways. Therefore, we need our government to be involved with healthcare.

  • I believe the government should be involved in health care

    Health care is very important to everyone as it may save many lives, to those who can afford it. However, for those that cannot, I believe that it should be given to them, such as that health care is a given right. I believe everyone should be granted health care, similar to the system in Canada, as it can save many lives.

  • The Government Should Be Involved

    I think that the government should be involved in providing health care to citizens. I am an advocate for Universal health care and believe it should be free to all citizens of this country. Free health services should be offered through the government for those that cannot afford to pay for them on their own.

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  • Government is not the solution it is THE problem.

    Anything and everything the government gets involved in will always be performed inefficiently and ineffectively at the highest level. Those who think the government brings down the cost of healthcare disregard history. Healthcare was very affordable until the government decided to establish HMO's around the end of the 1970's. Since that time healthcare costs have skyrocketed. It is not the responsibility of the government to ensure every citizen has access to healthcare or a retirement fund (Social security) it is the responsibility of the individual. The amount of fraud that is committed and cost of fraud since the government has involved itself in healthcare is beyond ridiculous (billions to hundreds of billions A YEAR). But now we live in a society where everyone thinks everyone else owes them a living so its not surprising to see a lopsided poll such as this.

  • Health care Should Be Private Industry

    Health care needs to be private, not only for the sake of revenue for businesses, but also, why should the federal government have any say in your personal health. Take Obamacare for instance, you're telling me that if I make the personal choice of being uninsured, I could be fined. Secondly the involvement of national government in business is a socialist policy. The Nation is built on capitalism, which pushed it through times of crisis, why use policy from foreign countries. It hasn't worked before, why would it now

  • The government should not be involved in anything

    Obama care makes everybody else's health useless because say you work as a manager of a store, your health care will pay for most things like a flu shot. But when obama care came, your health care will pay for hardly anything so now you will have to pay for your family to get flu shots.

  • More government, higher costs

    The regulation the higher the costs for two reasons.
    One, you have to build in infrastructure that costs money and bogs down efficiency. Administration will raises costs.
    Secondly, the further you separate the consumer from the provider, the less the provider is subject to the forces of the market which naturally regulate and improve the quality of service. Not to mention the fact that the way that government regulates medicine. People should be free to choose the level of healthcare they want and can afford, instead of being penalized for not having insurance of all things.

  • Why why why

    Why is government even in the "health insurance" business, when they aren't involved with our other insurances such as car or home? We are able to choose our own providers in cars and home so WHY are they involved with HEALTH? Doesn't make $en$e to me. Guess I'm "Clueless". EXPLANATION PLEASE.

  • Why why why

    Why is government even in the "health insurance" business, when they aren't involved with our other insurances such as car or home? We are able to choose our own providers in cars and home so WHY are they involved with HEALTH? Doesn't make $en$e to me. Guess I'm "Clueless". EXPLANATION PLEASE.

  • Two words: Free Market

    While regulating insurance companies to be fair to everyone (e.G. Pre-existing conditions, seniors, etc) is a good idea, government-controlled health care is disastrous. Costs go up, quality goes down. Allowing health care to be transferred to the free-market, would allow insurance companies to compete, thus driving costs down. Government does not run in the best interest of its citizens.

  • Health Care for America

    Health care was cheaper and more accessible before the government got involved. Mandatory health care is a violation of our rights. We need to be
    able to decide what health care we need and can afford. We don't need to be paying paper pushers just doctors and health care workers. Government interference with health care has increased the cost and made it less affordable
    for all.

  • Excellent Track Record

    Name one thing the government, at nearly any and all levels, does with any degree of excellence. The only solution for success in the health care/health insurance industry, is the free market. Competition is the only measure that will ever keep costs in check. If you haven't ever been employed by the government at the county, state, or federal level, then you simply don't have a legitimate argument to the contrary.

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