Should the government be involved in the economy?

  • #YOLO Mc Swaggins

    The government must be involved in the economy or else our economy as we know it today would be doomed. If the government did not regulate thing like trusts and monopolies then the big businesses in the United States would take over and untimely destroy our free economy by eliminating all other competition and then raising the prices to as high as they want. Big businesses are also less inclined to protect the American people then the government and would care less if the people were suffering as long as they made a profit.

  • I Love Pie

    I support government intervention in the economy because without large interference by the government our economy would have collapsed years ago. Unlimited power given to the big businesses will ultimately ruin our free market economy because it will not be free anymore and will just be controlled by big businesses that can set their prices as high as they want because there is no other competition and people HAVE to buy from them. The government is also more inclined to protect its people from economic failures then a big business which is solely focused on making a profit.

  • Yes they should

    They should be involved because of the fact there are a lot of people have disability. There are many people that cant take care of them since of there problems. We need a lot of support for these people and need to support that are in wheel chairs or the people that cant walk.

  • Yes It Should be #Swag #TurnUp

    I think that the government should be involved in the economy because there are many people that are disabled and have many other reasons why they physically can not get the money that they need to survive. The government can defiantly be a block in the ally but it can also help many others, some for good, some for bad.

  • Government helps everyone in the economy

    The government doesn't only protect consumers, but also provides benefits to companies. For example, the government gives tax breaks and other incentives for creating work in the US. Even though there are a few benefits for corporations, many of the protections are put in place for consumers. The programs include Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid.

  • Yes but limited

    I do think the government should be involved in the economy but to a point. The government influence on the economy should be limited so that they can influence but not control it. Of course there would have to be many laws put in place to ensure that everyone stays honest, and know one has to much power in the economy. There are many possible problems that could come to mind but there are many advantages to this as well. No with a little bit of research and a little less bias I think most would agree.

  • Yes, the government should take part in the economy.

    The government's role is to protect its citizens. A major risk to the people is a poor economy, resulting in high unemployment and low income. Major blows to the economy are very risky to the people. The Great Depression is an example of the disastrous effects of little involvement of the economy. Since the government decided to take an active role, another depression has not occurred. The government has a duty to provide the public with these protections, meaning taking an active role in the economy.

  • Yes - Our Economy Needs A Guiding Hand

    Yes, the government should be involved in the economy. Our economy, right now, is driven primarily by greed – with a large helping of dishonesty. Every time you pick up a newspaper anymore there are stories of millions of dollars in Medicaid fraud, investors cheating people with Ponzi schemes, companies going bankrupt while paying upper management large bonuses and speculators driving up prices for personal gain. Our economy is not well. Someone needs to step in and try to get things regulated before it’s too late, and that job has to fall to our government.

  • Policies directly influence economy regardless

    Yes, the government should be involved in the economy, because, regardless if they want to or not, nearly all policies have some sort of effect on the economy. Taxes, the most basic principle of a government, is practically 100% economy based. It's not so much of a question of whether the government should be involved, it's a question of how.

  • yes,off course

    YES! There's no way it can't. It should

    Capitalism, PURE capitalism, is primarily profit motivated. The United States isn't a true capitalistic society, because it has some services regulated by the Government like mail, child services, police, etc. Imagine if that were all privatized? The people who didn't have money wouldn't be able to afford anything, there would be incredible class divisions.

    goverment involvement is a must have.

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  • NO bitch !

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